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13-10-2021 16:50

The Vaccination Portal is reopened as of October 15th for arrangement of vaccination appointments with the 1st dose

In an effort to encourage vaccination of beneficiaries against COVID-19, in order to develop the maximum possible protection of the population, following a technical upgrade to the Vaccination Portal, from Friday, October 15th, it will be possible to arrange an appointment for vaccination with the 1st dose and with the 3rd dose.

Specifically, as regards the arrangement of appointments for new vaccinations (1st dose), the Vaccination Portal will be accessible to all persons aged 12 and over.

In relation to vaccination with the 3rd dose, the Vaccination Portal is accessible to people aged 65 and over, provided that six months have elapsed since vaccination with the 2nd dose.

Finally, it is reminded that for the administration of any dose of vaccine, citizens can also be served through the walk-in vaccination centers that operate island-wide.

Until yesterday, the 3rd dose was administered to 26,097 people. The vaccination percentage of the adult population with at least the 1st dose is at 81.5% and of those fully vaccinated at 79%. In the age group of 16-17 years, 41.5% was administered with the 1st dose and 38.8% completed their vaccination scheme. Finally, in the age group of 12-15 years, 27.4% was administered with the first dose and 24.6% received both doses, completing their vaccination scheme.