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06-12-2021 14:34

Results of the Survey on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Usage and e-Commerce in Enterprises 2021

High Speed Internet connection 

Demand for high speed internet connections (100 Mbit/s or more) has increased significantly over the years. In 2021, 6,7% of all enterprises with 10 or more employed persons in Cyprus have internet connection with speeds higher than 1 Gbit/s, 7,9% have internet connection speeds between 500 Mbit/s – 1 Gbit/s and 30,2% have internet connection speeds between 100 - 500 Mbit/s (Figure 1)

Enterprises with internet speeds lower than 30 Mbit/s have been decreasing steadily over the years from 81,7% in 2016 to 15,5% in 2021. Speeds between 30 - 100 Mbit/s still remain the most popular in 2021, but have dropped since the previous year (-1,0%) while internet speeds between 100Mbit/s -500Mbit/s have increased significantly from 19,8% in 2020 to 30,2% in 2021. (Table 1) 

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The aim of the survey is to collect data about the use of information and communication technologies by the enterprises, the access and use of the internet, e-commerce, sharing information electronically within the enterprise, use of cloud computing services, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and the Covid-19 impact on enterprises. These data are necessary for the implementation of policy programmes of both the Government and the Private Sector.


The survey took place during February-May, 2021 and covered approximately 2.103 enterprises with 10 or more employed persons in the following economic activities:


NACE Rev.2





Electricity, Gas, Steam and Air Conditioning Supply


Water Supply, Sewerage, Waste Management and Remediation Activities




Wholesale and Retail Trade. Repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles

 and personal and household goods


Transport and Storage


Accommodation and Food Service Activities


Information and Communication


Real Estate Activities


Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities


Administrative and Support Service Activities


Other Service Activities



The survey covers all the government controlled areas of the Republic of Cyprus.



For the year 2021 all small, medium and large enterprises (census of enterprises) with 10 or more employed persons and self-employed persons were covered. In the frame there were 16 NACE groups and 3 size groups (Small enterprises (10-49 employed persons), Medium enterprises (50-249 employed persons) and Large enterprises (250+ employed persons)).


Data Collection

The data collection was conducted with the use of a web based questionnaire. 


Reference Period

The data refer to 2021 unless otherwise stated.



Internet connection speed: the maximum download speed according to the contract with the Internet service provider.

Electronic commerce (e-Commerce): An e-Commerce transaction is the sale or purchase of goods or services, conducted over computer networks by methods specifically designed for the purpose of receiving or placing of orders.

Computers: Includes personal computers, portable computers (e.g. laptops, notebooks, netbooks), tablets, other portable devices like Smartphones.

Cloud computing: refers to ICT services that are used over the internet to access software, computing power, storage capacity etc. These services are delivered from servers of service providers, can be easily scaled up or down, can be used on-demand by the user and are paid for.

Internet of Things (IoT): refers to interconnected devices or systems, often called “smart” devices or “smart” systems that collect and exchange data and can be monitored or remotely controlled via the Internet.


For more information:

CYSTAT Portal, subtheme Information Society

CYSTAT-DB (Online Database)


Data up to 2020 are available in excel format under Predefined Tables



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