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19-01-2022 10:16

The use of EUDCC certificates is temporarily revoked for persons who have tested positive to COVID-19

With the aim to ensure the protection of public health and contain the spread of the virus, the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy informs citizens that the validity of the European Digital Covid Certificates (EUDCC) concerning vaccination and recovery -for Safe Pass purposes- will be temporarily revoked for persons who have been tested positive to COVID-19, for the period during which they remain under mandatory isolation or self-isolation. It is noted that these persons will not be able to issue new EUDCC certificates before their release.

With regard to Safe Pass checks through the CovScan Cyprus application, in the above case, the check result will be Red: Invalid.

The updated National Check Regulations and the updated Keys (Trusted Public Keys) are preconditions for the smooth operation of the CovScan Cyprus application and for ensuring reliable indications/check results. It is reminded that national regulations must be updated at least once a day. The last update date and time is shown at the end of the Settings menu of the application, under Reload. If no date is shown (or if the date is not marked “today”), check the internet connection and try again.