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21-06-2022 20:42

Address by the President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, at the grand opening ceremony of Ayia Napa Marina

It is a great honour and pleasure to inaugurate the grand opening of Ayia Napa Marina. An iconic project, visualized since 1993 which we have now materialized, that will not only alter the tourist landscape of Cyprus, but of the Eastern Mediterranean as well.

And to this end, I feel obliged to convey my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Naguib Sawiris, who, despite any setbacks he might have faced, has demonstrated true faith in our country through proceeding with this investment of over 300 million euros.

An investment, in collaboration with a Cypriot well-renowned enterprise, the Caramondanis Group, to which I also extend my genuine thanks.

As one can assess by being here, Ayia Napa Marina provides international world – class yachting facilities, luxurious residences and multi-purpose entertainment venues.

At the same time, setting high standards in terms of environmental protection and the provision of smart services to ships and visitors, the said Marina is the only one in our immediate region which has been awarded with a relevant ISO Certificate.

In addition, the added value of such a development significantly strengthens the position of Cyprus in an increasingly competitive global environment, making it an ideal environment for both visitors and investors.

Both I and the Government feel really proud, since this project proves that we fully utilize our comparative advantages, such as our location at the cross-roads of three continents, with an established culture of warmth and hospitality and a modern legal system which is being widely recognised as being effective and truly business-friendly.

Advantages that allow us to establish high-value projects, such as the one we are inaugurating today, that create hundreds of new jobs and attract quality tourism, with consequent effects as regards the inflow of direct and indirect income.

Emblematic projects such as the Ayia Napa Marina adhere to our strategically oriented policies in establishing Cyprus as an all-year-round tourist destination, in line with our National Tourism Strategy 2030.

A strategy which includes, amongst others, the growth of nautical and maritime tourism, through the development of Marinas along our coastline and the licensing of yacht berthing and superyacht areas.

In this regard, in addition to the Limassol Marina and Port, we have established related and interconnected projects, such as the Paralimni and the Larnaka Marinas and Ports.

I cannot emphasize enough the obvious benefits and opportunities that the Ayia Napa Marina will bring about the positive effects that the constructive and transparent cooperation between the Central Government, local authorities and private sector entails.

Benefits and opportunities that are obvious to all of us inaugurating this project which, I have no doubt, will not only upgrade the district of Famagusta or Cyprus in general, but it will prove to be a jewel of Cyprus and the Mediterranean.

In concluding, I once again want to express my gratitude and sincere thanks to my dearest friend Naguib and dear Stavros Caramondanis and all those who have contributed in having this excellent result.