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28-09-2022 09:55

The Medieval Castle of Pafos was lit up in yellow by the Department of Antiquities for the “Gold in September” world campaign against childhood cancer

The Department of Antiquities of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, announces that yesterday, Tuesday, 27th of September 2022, the Medieval Castle of Pafos was lit up in yellow, as part of the “Gold in September” world campaign, for the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, embracing the efforts of the Pancyprian Association of Parents and Friends of the Children Oncology Unit. The aim is to help increase public awareness concerning the dangers of cancer for children, and the difficulties faced by the children who suffer and their families.

The Department of Antiquities illuminated in yellow this World Heritage Monument to highlight the need for prevention and early detection of childhood cancer, but also for underlining the need to reinforce treatments, develop cures and support children. We should all stand together with the children that suffer from all types of cancer and other diseases, while inclusive actions transfer the message of understanding and protection. The battle fought by these children, at such an early stage in their lives, must be the greatest lesson for the entire society.

Through lighting up the castle in yellow, the Department of Antiquities wishes to demonstrate that these children, fighting for their lives, should be embraced by light: The light of love and solidarity amongst people, but also the light of the universal values transmitted through our cultural heritage for a better and safer future.