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29-09-2022 10:54

Statements by the Government Spokesman on the EUMED-9 Summit in Spain

Reference to the need for a collective response to threats to security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean region will be made, inter alia, by the President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, during his participation in the Summit of the nine Mediterranean states of Europe (EUMED-9).

In statements to the Press today, Government Spokesman, Mr Marios Pelekanos, who accompanies the President of the Republic abroad, said that: "the President of the Republic is in Alicante, Spain, where at the invitation of Spanish Prime Minister Mr Sanchez, he will participate tomorrow in the Summit of the nine Mediterranean States of the European Union (EUMED-9). In addition to the leader of the host country Spain, the leaders of Cyprus, Greece, France, Italy, Portugal, Malta, Croatia and Slovenia will participate in the summit.

The main issues to be addressed by the Summit concern the challenges related to economy and energy facing the European Union today. In this context, ways of coordinating the EU’s Mediterranean partners will be sought, in order to ensure a strong European response to these challenges, also taking into overall account Mediterranean interests.

The nine leaders are also expected to exchange views on the ongoing attempt to stop relying upon Russia as regards energy matters, as well as on the efforts to find alternative sources for supplying the EU. These include the very important prospects of the Eastern Mediterranean, both in terms of gas as well as energy routes and electricity interconnections, which can utilize the potential of the region to produce energy from renewable and green sources. 

Furthermore, EUMED-9 Presidents and Prime Ministers will discuss practical measures to overcome the rapid rise in energy prices, in particular electricity, at European and national level, and mitigate the impact on households and businesses on a pan-European scale, without affecting efforts to implement the Green Agenda and tackle the effects of climate change.

The second main discussion of the leaders will focus on the future of the EU’s economic governance and the assessment of solutions that could be provided at EU level in the field of fiscal policy, in light of the high inflation indicators and, overall, the increasing economic pressure on the EU and its member states.

In addition, issues such as the role the Mediterranean has to play in the future of Europe will be addressed by the Alicante Summit. Moreover, the need to deepen relations between the Mediterranean member states of the EU with countries in the southern part of the Eastern Mediterranean, for example with Israel, Egypt, Jordan, etc. Migration, as well as the Cyprus problem and Turkish provocations in the Eastern Mediterranean, will also be addressed. 

During his intervention at the Summit, the President of the Republic will specifically refer, on the one hand, to the need for coordination between the European states of the region and neighbouring countries, with the aim to collectively addressing verbal and practical threats that endanger security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean region. On the other hand, reference will be made to the ongoing impasse in the Cyprus problem as well as the need to exert pressure on Turkey in order for a constructive dialogue to be resumed within the framework defined by the Security Council resolutions”.