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15-11-2022 12:07

Announcement of the Presidency of the Republic on the proclamation of the pseudostate

This year marks 39 years since Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot leadership proclaimed the pseudostate, in violation of international law and every principle of legality.

The President of the Republic and the Government strongly condemn the secessionist act, which is also condemned by the entire international community in a series of resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.

However, Turkey and its subordinate Turkish Cypriot community leadership in the occupied part of Cyprus, not only continue, but are intensifying their acts of provocation and illegal actions both at sea and on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, the culmination being the actions of the occupation regime in Famagusta, in  violation of every principle of international legality.

The President of the Republic reiterates the political will and determination of our side to continue the efforts to achieve a functional solution, based on the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council and the European principles and values, aiming at the peaceful coexistence and cooperation between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots; a solution that will safeguard the human rights of all Cypriot citizens, far from dependencies upon third parties and anachronistic guarantees.