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02-03-2023 12:13

Curriculum Vitae of the new Deputy Spokeswoman, Ms Doxa Komodromou

Doxa Komodromou was born in Athienou, in the Larnaka district.

She was previously employed at the University of Cyprus, where she held the post of Official Events Master from 2007 until such time she was appointed deputy government spokesperson.

Doxa Komodromou organised, coordinated and presented all graduation ceremonies and numerous events at the University of Cyprus of an international caliber, hosting Presidents, Prime Ministers, other officials, diplomats and accomplished scientists both from Cyprus, Europe and internationally.

She also held the primary logistical and organizational role in the inauguration of new premises, with the laying of foundation stones at the University campus.

Ms Komodromou successfully organised numerous events abroad, such as the recent trip to Constantinople and the proclamation ceremony of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew as Honorary Professor of the UCY Faculty of Philosophy.

She accompanied university students to Brussels and Luxembourg on countless occasions and coordinated their visits or participation in international competitions.

Previously she held the post of Executive Assistant to MP and EPP MEP Yiannakis Matsis, who served as Democratic Rally President.

In her capacity as a broadcast journalist, she has collaborated over the past two decades with a number of radio stations and television networks (CyBc, Dias – Sigma TV), working as news anchor and talk show host.

Over the past six months, she has been presenting the CyBC’s innovative programme “University Treasures”, a historical and analytical look at the richness of university education in Cyprus, with all institutions participating.

She also teaches speech and elocution to Journalism and Law students at the UCY.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Political and Social Sciences from the University of Cyprus.

Doxa Komodromou was awarded a BA degree in Journalism and Public Relations – Communication, from the University of Nicosia (Honours with Distinction 3.72).

She is the author of the historical book “Kyriakos Matsis, portrait of a thinker at the service of the EOKA struggle”, published by AFI.

She is currently working on her PhD thesis: “The role of the Cyprus radio in the EOKA struggle”, (supervisor: Petros Papapolyviou, UCY Associate Professor of the History and Archaeology Department.

She has successfully completed the last research phase of her PhD proposal.

She is married to Giorgos Komodromos and has two sons, Andreas and Spyros.