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09-06-2023 15:00

Address by the PoR, Mr Nikos Christodoulides, at the ceremony for receiving the credentials of the Ambassadors/High Commissioners of El Salvador, Peru, New Zealand, Moldova, Mexico, Zambia, Iceland and Chile

It is with profound honour that I welcome you all at the Presidential Palace today, to the first such ceremony in my capacity as President of the Republic of Cyprus. Having just received the Letters of Credence appointing you as the new Ambassadors and High Commissioners of your countries to the Republic of Cyprus, I am very pleased to observe the participation of diplomats from across five different continents. I wish to congratulate you all and wish you success during your official mission in Cyprus.


At the outset, I would like to assure you that the Government, and myself personally, will provide you with all the necessary support and assistance in the fulfilment of your high duties, so as to further advance our cooperation, both at a bilateral level and multilateral level, to the mutual benefit of our countries and people.

Reinforcing multilateralism and building alliances and international partnerships, is the only effective path in order to secure that the values of peace, the value of democracy and the rule of law are upheld. It is also my firm belief that bilateral and multilateral synergies constitute integral aspects of our joint efforts to effectively respond to the plethora of urgent challenges and global threats that we are facing today.

In this context, the Republic of Cyprus attaches particular importance to our shared commitment to democratic principles and norms, to the protection of human rights and to the unyielding respect of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of borders of all states. In light of the above, the foreign policy of the Republic of Cyprus revolves around the following pillars;

- First, reinforced presence of Cyprus in the European Union decision-making process,

- Second, further deepening of our already excellent relations with all (but one) neighboring countries in the Eastern Mediterranean and the wider region of the Middle East, North Africa, and the Gulf,

- Third, additional substantial upgrading of our relations with various countries across all 5 continents, and

- Fourth, strengthening the role of Cyprus in international organizations.

Your Excellencies,

Finding a viable solution to the Cyprus problem remains of course the highest priority of Cyprus’ foreign policy.

In this respect, my utmost priority is to exert every possible effort to break the current deadlock, resume a structured and result-oriented dialogue, and create the conditions for a solution that will lead to the reunification of our country, the reunification of our institutions and of our economy. The solution of the Cyprus issue must include the evolution of the Republic of Cyprus into a functional federal state, where all citizens live in conditions of security and understanding, without occupying troops and obsolete external dependencies. The solution must be in line with relevant UNSC resolutions and the EU acquis.

We strongly believe that our efforts for resumption of substantive negotiations to resolve the Cyprus problem can lead to a mutually beneficial state of affairs for all parties involved. This of course can only be done if Turkey moves away from its unacceptable position for a “two states” solution and for “sovereign equality”, that deviates from the established UN framework and the mandate of the Secretary-General.

At the same time, the EU should also play a decisive and a leading role in restarting and effectively assisting the negotiations. The EU is the only international actor that can provide tangible incentives for all parties, through a gradual and mutually beneficial process. Resolving the Cyprus problem will be beneficial not only for the security and prosperity of the island, but for Europe and the region as well.

Taking this opportunity, I wish to express our sincere appreciation for the principled stance of your countries regarding the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus. We highly value your support in our efforts to achieve resumption of dialogue from the point left-off back in 2017, and to reach a mutually acceptable and just settlement, that will unequivocally respect democratic principles and fundamental freedoms.


El Salvador and Cyprus share cordial bonds and I take this opportunity today to express the gratitude of the people of Cyprus for El Salvador’s principled stance on the Cyprus issue and its contribution to the UN Peacekeeping Force in the island. Ambassador Bernal Chévez, let me also express my willingness to further work together to address common challenges and enhance our bilateral ties.

Ambassador Verdeguer, Peru and Cyprus share cordial and friendly relations. I personally look forward to working with you in order to build upon the existing bilateral ties of our two maritime countries and expand even further our collaboration in a wide range of fields. I take this opportunity to extend my gratitude for the continuous support of Peru in reaching a comprehensive settlement to the Cyprus issue. With regards to the enhancement of the EU-Peru relations, you can rest assured that Cyprus will continue to be supportive.

Cyprus and New Zealand, two island states, share cordial relations, which are based on shared principles and values, as well as common historical experiences. High Commissioner, I take this opportunity to express the appreciation of the people of Cyprus for the support of New Zealand in reaching a just and lasting settlement to the Cyprus issue. Let me also express my readiness to further strengthen our bilateral ties, in many fields of common interest.

Ambassador Popov, Cyprus supports Moldova’s European aspirations and stands ready to provide any support in order to successfully implement its reform agenda. I reiterated this to President Sandu herself, during our recent meeting in Iceland, but also when I visited Moldova last week, in the framework of the second Summit of the European Political Community. Any progress to the country’s accession path can only be beneficial for the further development of our bilateral relations. I take this opportunity to also refer to the vibrant Moldovan community residing on our island, which has served tremendously to forging the ties of friendship between Cyprus and Moldova.

The cordial bonds and universal values that Mexico and Cyprus share, shape our longstanding relationship. I take this opportunity to express our appreciation to Mexico for being one of the very first countries to ratify the Council of Europe Convention on Offences relating to Cultural Property, or the Nicosia Convention. Ambassador Elizondo, as we are about to celebrate the 50th anniversary since the establishment of our diplomatic relations next year, I look forward to working with you so as to further strengthen our collaboration.

Allow me to express my appreciation for the long and fruitful relations between Cyprus and Ζambia. Our friendship is originated from our shared history and memory of anti-colonial struggle and the mutual quest for freedom and national self-determination. High Commissioner, our countries share a stronghold commitment to the democratic principles and the human rights as pillars of mutual engagement and trust· values which we will promote through our joint participation in international fora such as the Commonwealth.

Cyprus and Iceland are two small island states, which despite the geographical distance, share a long history of friendly relations based on mutual understanding and respect. We share common principles and values and cooperate closely through our participation in the European Economic Area and other regional and international organizations. Ambassador, we see a great potential in our traditionally excellent relations through the establishment of political consultations and would like to take concrete steps in the areas of trade and tourism in order to create new opportunities for the people of our countries.

Ambassador, Chile and Cyprus share strong and cordial bonds. I take this opportunity to express the gratitude of the people of Cyprus for your long participation in the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus, contributing on the preservation of peace and security on the island. I also wish to extend our gratitude towards the 6 military personnel, currently serving in the UN Mission in Cyprus. As we mark the 213th anniversary since Chile’s Independence as well as the 61st anniversary since the establishment of our diplomatic relations, I would like to assure you of my willingness to work towards further strengthening our bilateral relationship.

Ladies and gentlemen,

As I mentioned earlier, dialogue, strengthened collaboration and multilateral synergies are essential elements in promoting the values of peace and democracy. Particularly in these challenging times, following the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have to urgently address the threats originating from revisionist powers that constantly undermine global security and stability. We have a common responsibility to fight autocratic tendencies and growing threats to human rights and the rule of law, for the sake of our respective societies.

Cyprus, itself a victim of the 1974 illegal Turkish invasion and ongoing occupation, could not but unambiguously condemn the Russian invasion from the outset. Witnessing the tragedy in Ukraine, our people recall the harrowing memories of the summer of 1974 summer, the pain of the refugees who were forcibly expelled from their homes and of those who are still missing loved ones. Cyprus cannot but remain an adamant supporter of international legality and the rules-based order.

In closing, I would like to once more congratulate you on your appointment, wish you success in your mission, and express our readiness to work closely with you towards solidifying our partnership and achieving new heights of cooperation and friendship between our respective countries.

Thank you very much and once again welcome to Cyprus.


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