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21-09-2023 11:55

Announcement by the Department of Antiquities regarding the “Airs Méditerranées/Ήχοι Μεσογείου” recital

The Department of Antiquities of the Deputy Ministry of Culture, announces that on Wednesday 4th October 2023, at 19:00, a voice and guitar recital titled “Airs Méditerranées. Ήχοι Μεσογείου”will take place within the Cyprus Museum’s exhibition halls, with free entry. The recital is organised within the framework of the events that take place at the Cyprus Museum in order to promote the Museum’s extended opening hours (08:00‒20:00) every first Wednesday of each month.

Guitarist Socrates Leptos and soprano Mariza Anastasiades have weaved together a unique programme spanning from the 16th century to today, promising to indulge the audience in an enchanting journey through Mediterranean Europe. With the magical tunes of Weill, Garcia Lorca, Pujol, De Falla and Obradors, listeners will be transported to a world of passion, poetry, and dream-like landscapes, where the guitar's rich textures and the soprano's expressive vocals merge into an unforgettable sonic experience.