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16-11-2023 14:33

Statements by the President of the Republic on current affairs

President Nikos Christodoulides expressed his hope that Turkey will respond to the appointment of an envoy by the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General, noting that our side is not afraid of the talks.

In his statements to journalists, the President of the Republic stated, “The Foreign Minister has been in Israel since last night, in the context of the consultations that are being held, in particular, by Israel for the implementation of the Republic of Cyprus’ proposal supported by the European Union (EU) and international organisations. I would like to remind you that we have also discussed this issue with the UN Secretary-General and we are in contact with the UN agencies involved in the humanitarian aid mission to Gaza in order to discuss the details. There will be trips to the region in the near future. The President of the European Commission is also going to Egypt and Jordan, and we are working towards the implementation of the Republic of Cyprus' proposal.”

Asked how Israel views the Republic of Cyprus’ proposal, President Christodoulides replied, “The results are positive; Israel sees the need for this humanitarian aid mission. There are some issues that Israel raises, and the Republic of Cyprus can ensure, particularly on the issue of security – it was raised the first time I went to Israel after Egypt – so that there are teams from Israel in Cyprus together with the Security Authorities of the Republic of Cyprus to check the humanitarian aid. We are talking specifically about the arrival area, the reception, the distribution of the humanitarian aid inside Gaza. That is why I said that the UN is involved, because UN agencies will take care of the distribution of the humanitarian aid that will arrive at Gaza.”

He mentioned, “The Republic of Cyprus is the only one that submitted a concrete plan, a 25-page document, which covers all aspects. A living document on the basis of the consultations that are taking place.”

Asked whether the Foreign Minister will meet with families of hostages in Israel, the President of the Republic said that it is not something he rules out, although he does not know the Foreign Minister's schedule.

When asked about the meeting he had earlier today with a delegation of the Cyprus Bar Association, the President of the Republic replied, “A formal meeting with the new Council of the Cyprus Bar Association was scheduled, during which we also discussed issues related to how we can reach the common goal of swift, efficient and effective justice and the Government's decision to establish a single supervisory mechanism. An idea on which we are preparing a draft and will discuss with the Bar Association, specifically on the draft law, but also with the accountants. It is a decision of the Government, which has already been taken, and we will move forward with it.”

Asked about the issue of the appointment of an envoy by the UN Secretary-General, the President of the Republic stated, “The Turkish side has already rejected a personality whom we had accepted. We are awaiting the Secretary-General's recommendation, which, as he has indicated, will be in the next few days and we are ready to work with the personality appointed by the Secretary-General in order to create prospects for the resumption of talks.

We are not afraid of the talks. We know perfectly well what we are seeking through the talks and I hope there will be a response from Turkey as well.”