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05-12-2018 18:59

Address by the Presidential Commissioner, Mr Photis Photiou, to the kindling ceremony organized by the Cyprus-Jewish community

I feel really honored representing the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, and being with you all today at this special event which is a project of the Cyprus Jewish community for the celebration of Chanukah.

The holiday of Chanukah, celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, and spirituality over materialism. The universal message of Chanukah is that Faith and perseverance, are powerful forces that can sustain us against all odds and challenges. The smallest of lights, can lighten up the darkest of corners even in the darkest of times, like the greatest tragedy of the Holocaust. But Faith, has and always will help us persist, preserve and overcome.

Our Jewish brothers and sisters have lived with us in harmony for hundreds of years, in our island. The Jewish Community of Cyprus, has flourished, gone from strength to strength and has become, an integral part of life, within Cyprus.

Dear friends,

Cyprus and Israel share deep, longstanding brotherly bonds of friendship. Our people have interacted with each other and prospered from this beneficial conduct since time immemorial. In fact, Republikat Kafrisin (the name of the Republic of Cyprus in Hebrew), is the only country in the world which is mentioned in both the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmud. 

Undoubtedly one could say a lot about the close ties of friendship and cooperation that unite the two countries. The History of both, the old and the modern times, contains much about the deep relations of friendship and cooperation between our people and countries.

And today, the bilateral relations between Cyprus and Israel are at the highest point ever and this reflects our readiness to further broaden our ties in the future and reach the full potential of our partnership.