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12-12-2018 10:21

Address by the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works Mrs Vassiliki Anastassiadou at the signing event for the establishment of the Cyprus Dendrochronology Laboratory (CDL) of the Cyprus Institute

It is a true pleasure to be with you today to celebrate the establishment of the Cyprus Dendrochronology Lab which is expected to significantly benefit the study of our monuments and will also contribute in environmental and climate studies.

As the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works, the ministry that oversees the department of Antiquities which is the governmental department responsible for the management and protection of the rich archaeological heritage of Cyprus and one of the four partners joining forces in this effort, I would like to express my wholehearted support and excitement for this important research initiative, which I consider of great significance.

It is with continuing interest that I follow the development of The Cyprus Institute’s Science and Technology in Archaeology and Culture Research Center (STARC) in the field of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. STARC’s impressive growth continues to be aligned with the needs of archaeologists, conservators, curators and heritage specialists in an effort to complement, support and enhance the work of the Department of Antiquities, our museums and cultural foundations. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to address the establishment of the A.G. Leventis Chair in Archaeological Sciences and to welcome Prof. Thilo Rehren who has undertaken this important responsibility. I couldn’t be more happy than to see that the established formal collaboration between the Cyprus Institute and the Department of Antiquities continues to bear fruits with the signing of a unique in Cyprus and the broader region laboratory.

I am very pleased to see that this is a joint effort between partners of international scientific caliber and key governmental engagement. The collaboration between The Cyprus Institute and Cornell University with two key departments of the Cyprus government, the Department of Antiquities and the Department of Forests, underlines the significance and the shared interest in this endeavor. In addition, the fact that this laboratory will also develop and benefit from the infrastructure of the Andreas Pittas Art Characterization Laboratories at STARC secures its development.

 I understand that there is really a lot to be learned from the remains of wooden heritage and of course from our forests. In my opinion such a collaboration exemplifies what I think of an ideal synergy between leading research institutions, both at the local and international level, with government departments with the shared aim at benefitting advanced research and its application for the common good. It is an initiative certainly in line with our government’s efforts to transform Cyprus into an economy driven by knowledge and innovation.

In conclusion, I want to thank all involved in this important effort and to wish you every success.


( DC )