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08-02-2019 15:01

Announcement by the Cyprus Delegation to GRECO

The GRECO delegation, consisting of its Executive Secretary Mr Gianluca Esposito, its President Mr Marin Mrčela and the Member of the Secretariat Mr Roman Chlapak,  has completed its visit in Cyprus, which took place in the context of the pending Compliance Report of Cyprus in the 4th Round of Evaluation relating, inter alia, to corruption at the Judiciary.

The GRECO delegation has been briefed by the relevant governmental authorities of the recent developments regarding issues pertaining to the administration of Justice in Cyprus, and has provided valuable guidance to them, so as to facilitate the successful fulfillment of the relevant pending Recommendations given by GRECO in the 4th Round of Evaluation, regarding the Judiciary.

Cyprus Delegation to GRECO

Mrs. Alexia Kalispera, Head of the Cyprus delegation to GRECO

Mrs. Rena Papaeti – Hadjicosta, Member of the Cyprus delegation to GRECO

Mrs. Theodora Piperi – Christodoulou, Member of the Cyprus delegation to GRECO