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23-03-2019 10:23

Speech by the President of the House of Representatives Mr Demetris Syllouris at the Indian Holi Festival of Colours

It is with great honour that I am here today to experience the Holi Festival of Colours with you all. With Cyprus and India traditionally sharing an excellent relationship with each other, it is only natural that the House of Representatives will fully support the showcasing of this significant cultural festival. Not only will we experience the unique tradition of India on our home soil here in Cyprus, but this festival will further aid in consolidating and integrating the cultural aspects for both our countries.  

With such lovely weather today, it is only fitting that Holi is celebrated on this date.

I find it encouraging that one of the cultural significances of the Holi festival is to end and rid oneself of past errors, considering that Holi marks the beginning of the most optimistic season of all – spring. By saying goodbye to winter, we can all take the opportunity to start anew by forgiving old conflicts and making new acquaintances.

I am proud to see so many citizens from different backgrounds and religions here. After all ,this is the point of Holi. It does not recognise creed or colour, but rather the beauty of this festival is that it treats everyone on the same level.

May you all have a bright, colourful and joyful Holi. Thank you for listening.