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17-04-2019 14:19

The Department of Antiquities expresses grief on the devastating fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral

The Department of Antiquities, Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, wishes to express its deepest grief concerning the damages caused by the devastating fire on one of the most iconic and important cultural heritage monuments of humankind, that of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

It was with great concern that we witnessed the events of the 15th April 2019, which tragically resulted in the immense structural damage suffered by this emblematic world heritage monument of Paris, of France and of all humankind. The images circulated globally by the mass media and social networks were particularly disheartening, but as the fire is now completely extinguished, thanks to the courageous efforts by the Parisian fire fighters, the complete destruction of the Cathedral was evaded which thus provides hope for the preservation and restoration of this unique historic Monument to its previous magnificent grandeur.

We extend our heartfelt sympathy and express our solidarity, support and assistance to the French people and the French Ministry of Culture during this tragic time and we express our willingness to provide assistance in the restoration of the Notre Dame. We hope that this will be the last major cultural loss that will be experienced by humanity as a whole, and whose protection is part of the collective duty of us all.