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16-05-2019 15:24

Response of the Antiquities Department to various articles in the Press

The Department of Antiquities, in response to the many articles in the Press concerning the written allegations of the Mayor of Pafos regarding the renovation of the Archaeological Museum of Pafos District, would like to make the following statement:

The Archaeological Museum of Pafos District, like all the archaeological and ethnological museums that fall under the competent authority of the Department of Antiquities, is given the utmost attention by the Department. In response to the increasing development of the science of museology worldwide, the Department of Antiquities has over the last few years given emphasis to the modernization of museums, so as to enhance the promotion of the cultural heritage of Cyprus.

One of the primary goals of the Department of Antiquities with regard to museums is the improvement of the visitor’s experience, in both older and newly established museums so as to meet the demands of the public and to comply with new technologies. Each project entails the expertise of a wide range of specialists (archaeologists, museologists/museographers, conservators, architects, lighting specialists etc), to achieve the promotion and preservation of our cultural heritage in the best possible way. It is important to underline that each project has its own complexities since each museum has its own identity expressed through the artefacts on display and requires its own specific museological design.

At the same time, our primary concern is to adhere to standard procedures which the Department of Antiquities is following, in cooperation with the competent Departments and Services of the State. Therefore, Mr Phaedonos’ alleged claim that there have been problems relating to the structure of the tenders comes as a great surprise. Both the tender documents and the decision of the Tenders’ Review Authority have been publicized. In any case, it is the tenderer’s undeniable right to appeal the decision of the Tenders’ Review Authority. In fact, the final decision of the Tenders’ Review Authority was in agreement with the competent authority, namely the Department of Antiquities.

We would, therefore, like to assure the public that the Department of Antiquities is constantly working for the upgrading of museums, archaeological sites and Ancient Monuments, with the aim of enhancing the visitor’s experience and ultimately for the protection and promotion of our cultural heritage.