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26-05-2019 13:51

2019 European Parliament Elections: Voting resumes

The Chief Returning Officer, Mr Kypros Kyprianou, announces that at 1 p.m. the polls re-opened, following a one-hour break at noon.

During the morning voting ran smoothly and in order without any serious problems. The polls will close at 6 p.m. However, should electors continue to turn up at polling stations, presiding officers at polling stations will have the right to extend the voting.

The electoral process will continue in the same manner in the afternoon. I call upon everyone to comply with the electoral legislation and for the election process to be completed in an orderly manner.

Responding to a question of the Press whether any breach of the electoral legislation has been reported, the Chief Returning Officer said that “we’ve had certain information which we are examining together with the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection. Nothing serious has been reported, this is just a call, I reiterate, for compliance with the electoral legislation.”