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26-07-2019 14:42

New GHS IT system provisions which allow the enrolment of persons of specific categories

The Health Insurance Organization (HIO) announces that a number of issues related to the registration of persons entitled to the GHS has been concluded. Based on these arrangements, persons falling under the following categories may proceed with their registration process to the GHS:

1.    Cypriot Identity Cards (ID) with code 00+ without Cypriot nationality

Holders of Cyprus Identity Card with code 00+ who at the recommendation of the Ministry of the Interior (Civil Registry and Migration Department), have one of the following nationalities: British, South African, Australian, Canadian, American, Greek, Congolese, Sudanese.

IMPORTANT: As per a relevant assessment of the Civil Registry and Migration Department, Cyprus IDs with code 00+ and nationality other than those mentioned above, as well as Cyprus IDs with code 05+ of persons without Cypriot nationality, are invalid. As a result, their holders are not considered eligible GHS beneficiaries. These persons are advised to contact the Civil Registry and Migration Department towards requesting the issue of valid identification documents and permits e.g. apply for appropriate residence permits/obtain Cypriot nationality, as applicable.

2.    Birth Certificates with code 03+

Children born in the Republic of Cyprus and who do not have a Cypriot nationality, but have been issued with a birth certificate by the authorities of the Republic, can proceed to enrol to the GHS using the number written on their birth certificate (03+ΧΧΧΧΧΧ).

IMPORTANT: As per a relevant assessment of the Civil Registry and Migration Department these children must acquire relevant residence permits. As such, shortly following their registration to the GHS, the HIO will be requesting the submission of a valid residence permit for such children towards confirmation of their eligibility as GHS beneficiaries. Therefore, parents are advised to take all necessary measures to acquire the appropriate residence permits for their children in order to avoid the possibility of de-registration of their children from the GHS.  

3.    Persons with expired permits (up to 9 months)

Persons who have expired permits and their permit renewal is pending, can proceed to submit a GHS enrolment request.