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03-03-2020 13:43

Remarks by the President of the Republic

The President of the Republic Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, today, commented on Turkey's encouragement of thousands of migrants to cross the Greek or the Bulgarian borders. In his remarks to reporters, at the Presidential Palace, in response to a question as to whether there is an organized plan by Turkey to send migrants to Cyprus, and invited to comment on a ministerial meeting on the flows of migrants to Cyprus, President Anastasiades said that «with everything that is taking place at the Greek...

03-03-2020 09:46

Speech by the Minister of Transport, Communications & Works - Intelligent Transport Systems in Emerging Markets Enhancing National policies through Standards

Dear,Professor Gouliamos, Ms Panayiotou, distinguished speakers and quests,I would like to thank you for inviting me to attend this event, organised by the Cyprus Organisation for Standardization.Intelligent Transport Systems have been widely deployed in many countries around the world since the 1960's.  Since then, there have been impressive strides made in this area, both in terms of cutting edge technological advances but also through the achievements made in the telecommunications sect...

03-03-2020 09:04

Advice for people that have recently travelled to the entire part of northern Italy to restrict their movements

The Epidemiology Monitoring Unit of the Ministry of Health would like to inform the citizens that, following the most recent epidemiology data with regard to coronavirus, disease controls have also been extended to passengers that have recently travelled during the last 14 days in parts of northern Italy that are situated north of Pisa, Rimini and Florence.     Consequently, people that have travelled in the areas mentioned above are recommended to stay indoors, avoid moving to other places ...

01-03-2020 12:30

Address by the President of the House of Representatives, Mr Demetris Syllouris, at the Cultural Festival organized by the High Commission of India

It is always a great honour and pleasure to have the opportunity to address events organized by the High Commission of India, with which we have an excellent working relationship and, more so, on this occasion, when the celebrations concern the Indian Cultural Festival in association with the Indian Diaspora in Cyprus.I must thank the High Commissioner of India to Cyprus, Ms Madhumita Hazarika Bhagat, for inviting me to take part in today’s celebrations. An occasion indeed, for all of us to ...