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30-04-2020 14:45

Places of archeological interest closed until the end of May

The Department of Antiquities of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works announces that museums, archaeological sites and ancient monuments will continue to remain closed to the public until the 31st ofMay 2020,as part of the protective measures taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 and in accordance with the relevant decisions approved by the Council of Ministers.The Department of Antiquities apologizes to the public for any inconvenience caused. (NN/II)

30-04-2020 13:37

Clarifications on the movement of citizens for purposes of exercise and care of people belonging to vulnerable groups

In relation to the movement of citizens and following the announcements made by the President of the Republic yesterday, it is clarified that, from May 4 to May 21, the number of text messages each citizen is allowed increases from one to three.It is emphasized that the movement of citizens from one district to another is prohibited except for the purpose of caring for people who belong to vulnerable groups and / or cannot care for themselves (the elderly, people with health problems, etc.) ...

30-04-2020 11:30

Introductory statement by the Minister of Health Mr. Constantinos Ioannou at the joint press conference with the Ministers of Finance and Labour

Since day one, when we were called to deal with this unprecedented crisis, we set out as our top priority the safeguard of the health system and the protection of the vulnerable groups of the population. We asked for time to be able to provide increased support to our hospitals and you gave it to us. Today, we are in a position to announce details to ease restrictive measures, on the basis of what the President of the Republic announced yesterday, we owe this to your cooperation and we thank ...

30-04-2020 10:13

Mask use: when it should be used and by whom

In the framework of individual protection measures and protection of public health, the use of a mask is an additional measure and it does not replace the implementation of other protective practices such as social distancing, hands sanitization, cleansing of surfaces, natural ventilation of places of residence and work etc.For the general population, the use of a single-use mask is recommended (though it is not compulsory) for citizens attending closed spaces frequently attended by large cr...

30-04-2020 10:13

Announcement of the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance with regard to Friday, 1st of May 2020

The Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance would like to inform that, according to the Law on the Operation of Shops and Terms of Employment of Staff, all the General shops will have to remain closed on Friday, 1st of May 2020.Furthermore, Specialised Shops that are going to operate on that day will have to remunerate employees in accordance with the ratio 1:2. (ND)

29-04-2020 21:02

Address by the President of the Republic Mr. Nicos Anastasiades on the gradual easing of covid-19 lockdown measures

Dear compatriots,In my address on 16th April I stated that “In the past few days, the messages we get increase hope, however they do not mark the end, there is still unfortunately some distance which we have to cover with the same caution.”Today I will repeat, with the same insistence, that the distance we need to cover remains unfortunately, long.Nonetheless, the progress which continues to be made, allows us to implement the first phases of the strategy we have adopted for the gradual ea...

29-04-2020 20:56

Groups of citizens with the higher risk of becoming seriously ill from COVID-19

The following groups have been selected based on the existing literature and taking into consideration the epidemiological indicators so far of COVID-19 globally and in the Republic of Cyprus.Category APatients who belong to the following groups may report for work provided  they are not in an environment dealing with the public and where there is increased movement of people.1.Persons  65 years of age and older.2.Pre-existing Chronic Respiratory Disease (e.g. chronic obstructive pulmonar...

29-04-2020 14:58

20,000 employees to be tested in companies to reopen in first phase of lifting measures; Free masks in partial coverage of needs

The Ministry of Health will go ahead with the testing of an additional 20,000 employees whose businesses will resume operation in the near future, as part of a strategy to gradually lift restrictive measures.The relevant decision was taken today, 29 April 2020, by the Council of Ministers, approving the proposal presented by the Minister of Health, Mr. Constantinos Ioannou, following a recommendation by the epidemiological team. The decision was made in the context of the policy implemented ...

29-04-2020 09:26

Post Office that will remain closed

Cyprus Post announces that today 29/04/2020 Larnaca Airport Post Office will remain closed until further notice.SS/SCH

28-04-2020 11:47

New call centre to operate for citizens who will be repatriated

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, in the framework of the process of repatriation of Cypriot citizens and with a view to facilitate communication between those eligible to return home, announces the operation of a new call centre.Through the call centre, those entitled to return will be contacted to confirm their interest to be repatriated, the date of their return on the basis of flights which will take place in the immediate coming period as well as the airport of depart...