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24-06-2020 11:25

Funding of Development Projects for Feature Films by the South Eastern European Cinema Network (SEE)

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth announces that the South Eastern European Cinema Network (SEE) launches a contest between its member-states for the funding of Development Projects for Feature Films. In its next meeting, to be held this coming November 2020, the Network will examine the submitted proposals and select the best among them to be funded.SELECTION CRITERIAFeature films with a minimum running time of 70 minutes and aimed at theatrical release are accepted for ...

23-06-2020 15:44

Press announcement by the Ministry of Interior concerning the granting of special entry visa

The Ministry of Interior announces that on the basis of a Decree by the Minister of Health and a Decision of the Council of Ministers, a Special committee has been set up to examine applications for the granting of special entry visa to persons from countries not belonging to Categories A and B, in accordance with the categorization of countries based on risk assessment, as these are announced by the Ministry of Health and are concerned with the following cases: (1)   First degree relatives ...

22-06-2020 15:22

Intra and Extra EU Trade Statistics January – March 2020

The Statistical Service of Cyprus announces that it has published the monthly electronic publication “Intra & Extra EU Trade Statistics (by commodity and country)” for January – March 2020. It includes detailed quantity and value data on imports and exports of domestically produced goods and foreign goods, classified at the six - digit commodity code level and by partner country.The main developments in Cyprus foreign trade were:(a)   Total importsof goods (from EU Member States and fro...

21-06-2020 12:53

Τhe Minister of Foreign Affairs had a telephone conversation with his Egyptian counterpart on the latest developments in the broader region of the Eastern Mediterranean

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus and Egypt, Mr Nikos Christodoulides and Mr Sameh Shoukry, held a telephone conversation today. The two Ministers reviewed the latest developments in the broader region of the Eastern Mediterranean, with particular emphasis on the situation in Libya and Turkish actions there, which have escalated tensions in the country and have enhanced destabilization in the region. The Ministers agreed on the necessity of an immediate cease-fire and a return to the...

19-06-2020 15:44

Arrangements for maximum number of persons at social gatherings in houses and public spaces

Taking into consideration the prevailing epidemiological indicators and the forecasts for the development of the COVID-19 disease, it has been decided to abolish the limitation of 10 persons for mass gatherings as of 24 June 2020.Despite the fact that in the initial planning for the period 24 June – 6 July 2020, the maximum number of persons at gatherings had been set at 50 people in indoor spaces or 100 in outdoor spaces, the very good epidemiological picture of the last days has allowed th...

19-06-2020 13:51

Epidemiological risk assessment of countries in respect of the COVID-19 disease, dated 19/6/2020

Following the opening up of the country’s borders as of June 2020, the epidemiological image of various countries with regard to the COVID-19  disease has been reevaluated and in addition new countries have now been added to the categories below. The evaluation is always based on the epidemiological indicators of the countries, such as: the real reproduction number R(t) for SARS-CoV, the number of new diagnoses, the number of laboratory tests, the mortality rate per 100.000 inhabitants, the e...

19-06-2020 13:25

Obtaining a Cyprus Flight Pass through the electronic platform

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works announces that as of 20 June 2020 all passengers planning to travel to the Republic of Cyprus are obliged to present a CyprusFlightPass for boarding purposes. In order to obtain a Cyprus Flight Pass, passengers must first fill out electronically the required documents available on the electronic platform should be noted that in case of a technical problem or scheduled maintenance of the electronic platf...

18-06-2020 14:55

The Interior Minister presented the integrated migration policy and asylum policy

The Minister of the Interior, Nicos Nouris, on Thursday, 18.6.2020, presented the integrated migration policy and asylum policy.For the integrated migration policy and asylum policy please press here.DC

18-06-2020 08:53

Takeover of the water supply of Aradippou Municipality by the Water Board of Larnaka

Following the relevant decision of the Council of Ministers and the agreement reached between the Water Board of Larnaka (WBL) and the Municipality of Aradippou, from the 22nd of June 2020, water supply services to the Municipality will be offered by the WBL.To ensure a smooth transition, the WBL will send with the first Water Bill, important information regarding the transfer and the customer service procedures followed by the WBL. The first invoice is expected to post by mid-July.In the m...

17-06-2020 12:52

Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices, May 2020

 Annual Rate of Change-1,4%In May 2020 the Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices(HICP) decreased by 1,4% compared to the index of May 2019 while, when compared to the index of April 2020, the HICP increased by 0,1%. For the period January - May 2020 the HICP recorded a decrease of 0,2% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. (Table 1)Note: The HICP in Euro area for the last month is based on EUROSTAT’s estimation (flash estimate).Compared to May 2019, the categories Tran...