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30-06-2023 13:46

Statement by the President of the Republic to foreign journalists before today’s European Council meeting in Brussels

The President of the Republic, Mr Nikos Christodoulides, made a statement to foreign journalists today, before the beginning of the deliberations of the second day of the European Council in Brussels.The President stated: “I want to say that coming from a country that is a frontline country regarding migration, it was a pity that we did not reach an agreement last night. Let us hope that today we will reach an agreement, that we will have common conclusions. Migration is a common problem and...

29-06-2023 17:28

The Shipping Deputy Minister presented the plans and goals of the Deputy Ministry at an event organised by Cyprus Marine Club

The Cyprus Marine Club held a successful event on June 27th, 2023, with Ms. Marina Hadjimanolis, the Shipping Deputy Minister, as the guest speaker. The event, titled 'Hundred days in charge as Shipping Deputy Minister,' provided an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to engage in discussions and gain valuable insights into the future plans and goals of the Shipping Deputy Ministry.Captain Eberhard Koch, President of the Cyprus Marine Club, expressed his sincere appreciation on ...

29-06-2023 14:12

Photo Album - Education Minister – Award ceremony of student competition

The Minister of Education, Sport and Youth, Ms Athina Michaelidou, addresses the award ceremony of the final competition of the programme “Student Company”, at the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth.

28-06-2023 14:22

Photo Album - Minister of Health – President of Thalassaemia International Federation

The Minister of Health, Dr Popi Kanari, honours the outgoing president of the National Thalassemia Committee and President of Thalassaemia International Federation, Mr Panos Englezos, for his contribution to people with thalassemia and to society as a whole, at the Ministry of Health.

28-06-2023 13:31

Detailed Results of the Census of Agriculture 2020

The Statistical Service announces the detailed results of the Census of Agriculture 2020.Holdings and Agricultural AreaThe total number of holdings enumerated during the Census 2020 was 34.046, recording a decrease of 12,4% compared to the previous Census of 2010.The total agricultural area reported in 2020 was 1.462.879 decares, recording an increase of 6,2% compared to 2010. Of this area, 1.341.359 decares were utilised agricultural area (an increase of 13,3% compared to 2010), 83.391 d...

27-06-2023 15:01

Photo Album - PoR – Annual General Assembly of the Cyprus Hotel Association

The President of the Republic, Mr Nikos Christodoulides, addresses the annual General Assembly of the Cyprus Hotel Association, at the Hilton Hotel.

27-06-2023 13:22

Imports, sales and stocks of petroleum products: May 2023

In May 2023, the total sales of petroleum products amounted to 122.581 tonnes, recording an increase of 1,4% compared to May 2022. A rise was observed in the provisions of aviation kerosene (9,1%), as well as in the sales of heavy fuel oil (328,8%), kerosene (58,0%), asphalt (40,4%), liquefied petroleum gases (9,5%), road diesel (5,8%) and motor gasoline (4,0%). On the contrary, a decrease was observed in the provisions of marine gasoil (-12,7%), as well as in the sales of light fuel oil (-27...

27-06-2023 12:59

24th Plenary meeting of the European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP)

The European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP) held its first Plenary meeting for 2023, under the chairmanship of Mr Petros Galides, Deputy Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation (OCECPR), supported by the Vice-Chairs Dr. Spyros Pantelis, Vice-President of the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT), and Mr Dan Sjöblom, Director-General of the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS).The Plenary discussed and approved the ERGP’s Draft Work Pr...

27-06-2023 11:25

New publications by the Office of the Law Commissioner

The Office of the Law Commissioner has recently published the following editions:Ο περί Προστασίας των Μισθών Νόμος του 2007 - (Ενοποίηση στην Ελληνική) – ΓΕΝ – Ν.65The Protection of Wages Law of 2007 - (English translation and consolidation) - ΓΕΝ(Α) – L.187.(NG/ECHR)

27-06-2023 11:19

Photo Album - PoR – Teleconference with the President of European Council and heads of EU member states

The President of the Republic, Mr Nikos Christodoulides, at a teleconference with the President of the European Council, Mr Charles Michel, and a group of heads of state or government of EU countries, at the Presidential Palace.