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30-11-2023 14:21

Fiscal accounts of General Government: January-October 2023

The preliminary General Government fiscal results, which are prepared by the Statistical Service of Cyprus (CYSTAT) indicate a surplus of €918,9 mn (3,1% of GDP) for the period of January-October 2023, as compared to a surplus of €691,5 mn (2,5% of GDP) that was recorded during the period of January- October 2022.RevenueDuring the period of January-October 2023, total revenue increased by €1.059,8 mn (+11,8%) and amounted to €10.033,0 mn, compared to €8.973,2 mn in the corresponding period...

30-11-2023 13:27

Turnover Value Index of Services: 3rd Quarter 2023

 The Turnover Value Index during the third quarter of 2023 recorded increases in the sectors of administrative and support service activities (19,2%), accommodation and food service activities (15,7%), and professional, scientific and technical activities (2,8%), while a decrease was recorded in the information and communication sector (-8,9%) compared to the corresponding quarter of 2022.During the period January-September 2023, increases relative to the corresponding period of 2022 were ob...

30-11-2023 13:25

Index of Industrial Output Prices: October 2023

Annual Change -1,7%The Index of Industrial Output Prices for October 2023 reached 138,4 units (base 2015=100), recording a decrease of 0,1% compared to September 2023. Compared to the corresponding month of the previous year, the index recorded a decrease of 1,7%. For the period January-October 2023, the index showed an increase of 5,7% compared to the corresponding period of 2022.   In October 2023, compared to September 2023, the index remained stable in the sector of electricity supp...

30-11-2023 07:38

Address by the President of the Republic, Mr Nikos Christodoulides, at the AmCHAM CYPRUS Thanksgiving Gala Dinner, yesterday

A good evening to all. It is a true pleasure to join you for the Thanksgiving Gala Dinner organised by the American Chamber of Cyprus (AmCHAM).Thanksgiving in the United States is celebrated as an opportunity to express gratitude for the blessings and good fortune in one's life. Ιt is a time for reflection on all that we should cherish in our lives, thereby fostering a sense of appreciation and mindfulness. Beyond the meaning that this holiday has at an individual and community level, Thanks...

29-11-2023 21:01

Statements by the President of the Republic on the Turkish violations in the buffer zone

“As of tomorrow morning, the decisions taken by the Republic of Cyprus regarding the issue of Turkish violations in the buffer zone will be implemented” said the President of the Republic, Mr Nikos Christodoulides.In statements he made to the media upon arrıval at an event by the American Chamber of Commerce in Cyprus, and in response to a journalist’s remark that there was renewed tension in the buffer zone in Agios Dometios tonight while the 24-hour deadline mentioned yesterday has expired...

29-11-2023 18:40

Scholarship to study at the College of Europe - Webinar

Please be informed that, within the framework of the Cyprus government's cooperation with the College of Europe, an online presentation, tailored to Cypriot students, will take place on the 5th of December at 11:30 BE time / 12:30 CY time.The presentation by the College of Europe is addressed to any person interested to study at the College.The College of Europe is a higher education institution founded in 1949. Since 1992, it operates in two university campuses, the Bruges Campus in Belgiu...

29-11-2023 17:40

Written statement by the Government Spokesman, Mr Konstantinos Letymbiotis, with regard to the decision of the Council of Ministers to provide assistance to Gaza

As part of the response by the Republic of Cyprus to provide humanitarian assistance to the civilian population of the Gaza Strip, Cyprus has decided to contribute by donating medical aid and consumables. The Council of Ministers approved the donation of 70 types of medicines worth €79,414.90 and 4 types of consumables valued at €15,218.An additional financial aid amounting to 1.1 million euros, which the President of the Republic announced at the Paris Conference, will be channeled through ...

29-11-2023 13:15

Industrial Production Index: September 2023

Annual Change +2,5%In September 2023, the Industrial Production Index reached 142,9 units (base 2015=100), recording an increase of 2,5% compared to September 2022. For the period January – September 2023, the index recorded an increase of 0,9% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. The manufacturing sector registered an increase of 4,0% compared to September 2022. An increase was also observed in the water supply and materials recovery (+8,5%). Negative changes were ob...

29-11-2023 09:44

Announcement of the Cyprus Post regarding fraud through Facebook pages

The Department of Postal Services (Cyprus Post) informs the public that a new attempt to fraud the citizens has been observed on Facebook regarding allegedly selling unclaimed parcels that are in our warehouses. Posts under the name “Cypriot Postman” with our logo are illegal. The Cyprus Post has no involvement and urges the public to be extremely careful and ignore such posts. It is important that citizens pay attention to the following signs: The posts do not refer to our official websi...

28-11-2023 19:20

Statements by the President of the Republic

"The United Nations has informed us that the situation in the buffer zone in Agios Dometios will be restored, but in case it is not, we have taken some decisions which will be implemented, but we will not make them public", the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides, said tonight.In his remarks to journalists, upon arrival at the presentation of the book by Costas Hadjikostis at the University of Nicosia, the President of the Republic was asked to refer to the new incident of provo...