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The PIO is the designated publishing body of the Government under the Ministerial Decision 23.521, dated 1/9/1983. Consequently, the PIO publishes all government material, aiming to inform the public both at home and abroad, and its own publications for the purpose of promoting Cyprus, its people and culture.

Publications of Ministries and Independent Services

The Publications’ Sector is responsible for the Ministries’ and Independent Services’ publications. In this framework, publications and other informative material are produced in various languages, where necessary, aimed at informing the citizens on a wide range of issues (health, employment, education, safety, agriculture, etc.) and at promoting and publicizing the work of the Government, new policies, and programmes. The Sector is entrusted with the responsibility of language editing, text processing, design/paging in collaboration with graphic designers and overall editing of the publications as well as printing supervision. Each year approximately 300 informative publications are published, in the form of hard cover books, booklets, brochures, manuals, annual reports, posters, etc. It should be noted that the PIO is the publisher of government publications, but the responsibility for their content, distribution and dispatch lies with the competent Ministries and Services.

PIO Publications

The Publications’ Sector produces the PIO publications (bulletins, leaflets, luxury books etc.), which mainly aim at informing about Cyprus and the Cyprus issue both in Cyprus and abroad.

The PIO publications are available free of charge. The sale or other commercial exploitation of any PIO publication or part of it is strictly prohibited. Excerpts from any publication may be reproduced with appropriate acknowledgement of each publication as the source of the material used.