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T/C & Turkish Media

The Department of Turkish Affairs is the primary Department of the Public Service entrusted with the responsibility of briefing the Presidency on the positions of the Turkish Cypriots and of Turkey on all issues of interest to Cyprus, as they are presented in the mass media.

The Department is responsible for the daily monitoring of the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot print and electronic press and the preparation of daily reviews, which cover current affairs issues in the occupied areas of Cyprus and in Turkey, as well as comments and analyses.

It also monitors the deliberations of political parties that take place in the Turkish occupied areas and prepares relevant reports on the history and activities of each party, as well as studies on current affairs issues in the occupied areas and Turkey.

Furthermore, the Department provides facilities to Turkish and Turkish Cypriot journalists and television crews by making arrangements for interviews with state officials as well as for accreditations, escort and interpretation for the coverage of important events taking place in the Republic of Cyprus.