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The Newsroom and the Liaison Officers Sections are responsible for the promotion of the work of the Government, the House of Representatives, independent institutions and state services, as well as semi-government and other public organizations. Working in close cooperation with the Office of the President of the Republic, the Government Spokesman, the Ministers and other government officials, both Sections ensure that the policies and work of the government, the statements of government officials and their activities are publicized and promoted through the website of the Press and Information Office.

To this end, the press officers of the Newsroom section, as well as the Liaison Officers - who are dispatched to the Presidency, the Ministries and other services - write, edit, translate, forward to the media and post on the PIO website, on a daily basis, official press releases, statements, activities and other informative bulletins in Greek and English. In addition, Newsroom editors evaluate, publish and disseminate to the media, statements on Cyprus made by spokespersons of foreign governments, international organizations or political figures abroad. The Newsroom Section is also in charge of media accreditation in the context of important events, high-level meetings, bilateral/trilateral agreements, and visits of foreign dignitaries to Cyprus.

Newsroom working hours:

Mon - Fri: 07:30 - 21:30
Saturday and Sunday: 09:00 - 15:30

The Photographic Section provides photographic coverage of the activities of the President of the Republic in Cyprus and abroad, those of the President of the House of Representatives and the Ministers, as well as of important events taking place in Cyprus.  The section is also in charge of posting, on a daily basis, photo albums on the PIO website and sending the albums via email to a list of subscribers.

The Cinema Section provides video coverage of the activities of the President of the Republic in Cyprus and abroad.   It also films messages and addresses by Ministers which are broadcast in the media and projected in the context of various events in Cyprus and abroad.    Additionally, the section is responsible for the filming and live streaming, on the PIO’s channel on youtube, of various important events. It also manages the distribution of satellite and TV signals to PIO TV devices, and records TV programs that are of interest to the government.



The Section is responsible for the day-to-day management of the PIO's accounts on social media as well as for the planning and management of the PIO's digital information campaigns on social media and the web in general.

You can follow the PIO at the following social media platforms:

Twitter: @PioCy (in Greek), @CyprusPIO (in English/Turkish/other)

FACEBOOK: Γραφείο Τύπου και Πληροφοριών - Press and Information Office


YouTube: Press and Information Office, Republic of Cyprus

The Websites Management Section is responsible for overseeing and managing the PIO main website as well as the other websites that have been created and maintained with the aim of informing the public on specific issues, in collaboration with other PIO Sections or other government departments. These websites are the following:

The Section is also responsible for the official website of the Presidency of the Republic

Lastly, it handles issues pertaining to e-government and digital transformation.

The Local Media (Press Law) Section handles the process of implementing the Press Law and the issuing of all necessary documents, according to the Law, for the publication of a local newspaper/magazine and the publication of a newspaper/magazine in the Republic by non EU nationals.

Moreover, the Section is entrusted with the listing of local publications delivered to the PIO for archiving. It also maintains an updated Mass Media list (see left side column) as well as a Book Archive containing a record of all the books published in Cyprus.
The Local Media Section is also responsible for the issuing and/or renewal of Press Cards (see left side column).
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