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30-12-2019 10:15

Issuing of Recreational / Amateur Fishing Licenses

The Department of Fisheries and Marine Research (DFMR) would like to inform the public,  that the issuing for  all recreational / amateur fishing licenses has begun,  for the new year 2020. All recreational / amateur fishing licenses will be issued electronically via JCC Smart or through  Banks.

The above applies to the following licenses:

• Recreational Boat Fishing License

• Recreational Spear fishing License

• Recreational Fishing License in Reservoirs

Recreational Fishing Licenses will be issued from the Central and District Offices of the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research ONLY ιν the following cases:

• Τhe applicant issues a recreational fishing license for the first time.

• Τhere is no  existing invoice in the JCC SMART.

• A Recreational Fishing License in Reservoirs where the applicant wishes to also include on his / her license minor children up to 12 years of age, while presenting their identification cards / birth certificates.

• A Recreational Fishing License in Reservoirs where the applicant is a minor from 12-18 years old and the consent and signature of his / her guardian / parent is required along with the presentation of his / her identification card.

• Group Fishing License in Reservoirs issued to registered travel agencies and associations, which have previously obtained a written approval from the Director DFMR, for tourism purposes.

In addition, in cases where the holder of a recreational fishing license has changed his / her passport / identity number, telephone number or address, should inform the DFMR at 22807818 / 22807836 in order to update the relevant information  on the database.
For any further information about the fishing terms and conditions as well as the issuing of recreational fishing licenses, you may contact the DFMR local offices.

Paphos: +357 26821677

Limassol: +357 25817312

Zygi: +357 24817097

Larnaca: +357 24304294

Protaras: +357 23834170

Nicosia: +357 22807818