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28-02-2020 16:04

Speech by Mr. Constantinos Petrides, Minister of Finance, 4th Lecture of Academic Excellence, Cyprus Theatre Organization, yesterday

It is both an honour and a pleasure to address this 4th Lecture of Academic Excellence.

Ι would like to express a very warm welcome to everybody here today, as well as my gratitude to The Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics (CING) and the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine (CSMM), the postgraduate School of CING, for the great work they are doing.

This year, the Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics proudly celebrates 30 years of existence and service.

30 years of hard work, and recognition as a centre of Excellence in the provision of specialised services, innovative research and education in the fields of neurology, genetics, biomedical and medical services.

The Institute of Neurology and Genetics has been perhaps the first-truly scientific institution in the country, which was established by setting a specific vision and targets by its visionaries.

For many at the time, Cyprus was considered too small and immature to be able to realize such an ambitious vision and strategic project.

Nevertheless, the Institute and its people proved the sceptics or the critics wrong. Having started its operation by providing some services, with very basic equipment, at a small 300 sq.m space at Makarios Hospital, it has succeeded in becoming the number one scientific and research institute in the country.

Through its multidimensional contribution to science and the Cypriot society it has succeeded in becoming a point of reference not only for Cyprus and the eyes of the Cypriot citizens, but also for the wider region. By receiving international recognition and by playing an active role as a regional and international centre of excellence it has placed Cyprus in the international map of science, medicine and research.  

So it is indeed quite unique for Cyprus to have an organisation which while serving the patients and Cyprus as a whole, at the same time it performs cutting edge research of international standard.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

The Cyprus Government has always been supportive to CING, since its establishment. 

Following the move to its own premises, on state land, the Cyprus Government actively continues to support its activities. We believe in CING and what it has to offer to our country. We are confident that the CING has even more to offer in the coming years.

We welcome and support the expansion of its activities with the development of new modern premises of an approximate area of 10.000m2 next to the existing one, through a loan of 26 million euros granted by the European Investment Bank through Government guarantees.  

The new building will host new research teams in new emerging areas in the field of health and this development will bring only benefits to our people and our country.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

In conclusion, please allow me, behalf of the Government to thank you all. To be celebrating the 30 years of existence and service of the Institute it’s because of the devotion of its visionaries, and the dedication, the remarkable professionalism, the sensitivity and the hard work exhibited by all its people throughout these 30 years, the years of remarkable achievements. 

I would also like to thank you for abiding and remaining faithful to the five core values you originally set that guide your decisions and operations in every step you make:

Excellence, Social Service, Professionalism, Innovation, and Teamwork.

These should indeed be the guiding principles for all of us. The State, and the citizens. Because this is the way to move forward, this is the way to progress, as the example of the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Science clearly demonstrates.

I wish you all good luck.