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03-03-2020 09:04

Advice for people that have recently travelled to the entire part of northern Italy to restrict their movements

The Epidemiology Monitoring Unit of the Ministry of Health would like to inform the citizens that, following the most recent epidemiology data with regard to coronavirus, disease controls have also been extended to passengers that have recently travelled during the last 14 days in parts of northern Italy that are situated north of Pisa, Rimini and Florence.    

Consequently, people that have travelled in the areas mentioned above are recommended to stay indoors, avoid moving to other places and examine themselves regularly. In the event that they show symptoms of infection of the respiratory system (fever, cough, dyspnea) in a period of 14 days after they have returned, they are requested to contact the 24h phone line 1420 (free of charge) immediately.

It is reminded that the controls also apply to people that have travelled in recent days to the following countries:

-       Republic of Korea

-       Iran

-       Japan

-       Singapore

-       Hong Kong