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10-03-2020 15:42

Updated travel advice regarding the Coronavirus

The Ministry of Health would like to announce updated travel guidelines regarding persons having travelled within the past 14 days, based on the categorized countries of origin as follows:

Category I: Compulsory isolation under medical supervision (quarantine) at home, if possible, or at premises managed by the Ministry of Health

- Hubei province, China

- Italy

- Iran

- Republic of Korea

Category II: Compulsory isolation at home, or at premises managed by the Ministry of Health for 14 days under telephone supervision. Avoid close contact and travel, maintain basic hygiene rules, monitor and report symptoms with the Coronavirus call centre at 1420

- China (excluding Hubei province)

- Japan

- Hong Kong

- Germany

- France

- Spain

- Greece (Achaea, Elis and Zakynthos areas)

Category III: Self-monitor and in case symptoms occur, contact the Coronavirus call centre at 1420. Adhere to basic hygiene rules, restricting travel unless absolutely necessary

- Greece (excluding Achaea, Elis and Zakynthos areas)

- United Kingdom

- Switzerland

- Netherlands

- Sweden

- Belgium

- Singapore

Detailed instructions for people who are in self-isolation or in quarantine can be found here:

All passengers in categories I and II will be directed to the airport medical centre, while passengers in ports will remain in their cabin.