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31-03-2020 13:21

Treatment of the negative consequences of the coronavirus by the Statistical Service

The Statistical Service of Cyprus, within the framework of preventive measures to address the negative effects of coronavirus and the need to limit its spread, announces that it has reorganized the way it performs its various tasks. Priorities have been set and teleworking is being implemented to the maximum extent possible.

The Statistical Service has fully complied with the relevant state decrees and places the health and protection of all its employees as a priority, while ensuring the production of official statistics, for which the legal obligation still exists under European Regulations.

The following arrangements have been made to carry out the statistical work:

 i.  The surveys that would be conducted with personal interviews are done by telephone interviews.

ii.  For household surveys, in cases where the household phone number is not available, the enumerators leave a letter in the mailbox of the household with their contact details and request that households contact them to complete the survey by telephone.

iii.  All enumerators who are required to leave letters to households have been given "Employee Movement Certificates" and all bear authorization identity cards.

iv.  Enumerators are instructed to take all appropriate protective measures during their mobility.

The Statistical Service calls on all citizens to cooperate with the enumerators and provide the data requested. The compilation of official statistics should continue unhindered, especially at this critical time when the impact on the economy and society due to the coronavirus should be calculated.