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11-08-2020 18:46

Epidemiological risk assessment of countries in relation to the COVID-19 disease dated 11/8/2020

In the context of the regular epidemiological risk assessment of countries with regard to the COVID-19 disease, the following modifications are made concerning the categorization of the countries below:

  1. Poland is moved from Category A to category B.
  2. Portugal is moved from Category C to Category B.

It should be noted that passengers coming from Category B countries are required to have undertaken a laboratory test no earlier than 72 hours prior to departure and to possess a Certificate showing negative PCR examination to the virus.

Αt the same time, it should be clarified that passengers from Category B countries who fall into the following categories may carry out a molecular examination upon their arrival in the Republic.

a) Cypriot citizens and members of their families (their alien spouses, under-age children and parents),

b) all those legally residing in the Republic,

c)  persons entitled to under the Vienna Convention,

d) persons, irrespective of nationality, whose countries of residence do not provide a laboratory testing service (public or private) to those wishing to travel to the Republic of Cyprus according to a relevant announcement.

It should be noted that the persons concerned shall have to cover the examination cost themselves and such persons shall remain in house isolation until the examination results are known.

The above country assessment shall take effect as of Friday, 14 August.

It should be clarified that the categorization of August 4, 2020 shall continue to be in force for all other countries.