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23-10-2020 14:42

Decisions of the Minister of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance relating to the implementation of the Special Schemes for the period of October 2020

The Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance announces the publication today in the Official Gazette of the Republic of the Decisions of the Minister of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance, concerning the implementation of the Special Schemes for combating the consequences of the COVID-19 virus for the period 1st October 2020 until 31st October 2020.

More specifically, the Decisions concern the following Special Schemes.

  1. Special Scheme for Hotel and Tourist Accommodation (Decision No. 52, R. A. A. 498/2020)
  2. Special Scheme for Economic Activities Associated with the Tourism Industry or Economic Activities which are directly affected by Tourism, or Economic Activities Associated with Companies under Compulsory Complete Suspension (Decision No. 53, R.A.A. 499/2020)
  3. Special Scheme for Businesses of Certain Economic Activities (Decision No. 54, R.A.A. 500/2020
  4. Special Scheme for Complete Suspension of Works (Decision No. 54, R.A.A. 501/2020
  5. Special Unemployed Support Plan (Decision No. 56, R.A.A. 502/2020
  6. Special Scheme for Certain Categories of Independent Employees (Decision No. 57, R.A.A. 503/2020)

An announcement will follow concerning the posting of applications for participation in the Special Schemes of October 2020. All those who are included in the beneficiaries for the Special Schemes should unfailingly submit a new on line application on the special website order to receive the relevant allowance for the period of October, provided they satisfy the terms and conditions.

It is stressed that in order to enable the payment of Special Allowances, a suitable Statement of Bank Account Details should be submitted referred to in each application, provided it has not already been submitted and confirmed. In the case where the Statement is not submitted, the payment of allowances will be done by cheque – a procedure involving a delay in receiving the Special Allowances.