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04-01-2021 21:11

Application process for the registration to Covid-19 Vaccinations’ Portal of citizens who are not GHS beneficiaries

Citizens who are not registered on the General Healthcare System’s portal but wish to be vaccinated within the framework of the National Vaccinations Plan for COVID-19, must submit to the Ministry of Health the duly completed Document for the Registration of Citizens who are not GHS beneficiaries to the Cyprus Portal for COVID-19 Vaccinations, which can be found in a downloadable format on the website of the Ministry of Health and the Press and Information Office’s website on coronavirus.

The Document must be submitted in tandem with a copy of the interested party’s Identification Card, Alien Registration Card or other identification document, as well as a copy of that person’s medical card, if applicable.

All documents should be sent to the Ministry of Health, by email to, by post to the following address: 1 Prodromou and 17 Chilonos, 1449 Lefkosia, or delivered by hand to the Medical Card Sector, Ministry of Health, 1 Prodromou and 17 Chilonos, Lefkosia.

After carrying out a validity check for the application and upon its approval, the Ministry of Health will activate the applicant’s possibility to register on the COVID-19 Vaccinations Portal.

The applicant shall be informed of the Ministry of Health’s decision to approve or reject his/her request, so as to access the COVID-19 Vaccinations Online Portal in order to arrange an appointment for the vaccination, at a Vaccination Centre, at the date and time of his/her convenience.