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08-03-2021 16:05

Applications for film production funding 2021-2022

The Ministry of Education, Culture Sport and Youth (Cinema Advisory Committee - CAC) announces that it will accept proposals under consideration concerning film production funding for the year 2021 -2022 only for the below categories:

  1. Script writing development for Feature - Fiction Film / Low budget (Animation and Documentary Films are not eligible) 
  2. Script writing development for Feature - Fiction Film / High budget (Animation and Documentary Films are not eligible) 
  3. Development for  Feature - Fiction Film / Low budget & High budget (Including Medium Length Documentary (duration 50-60 minutes)
  4. Production for :

i.    Short Fiction Film up to 15 minutes

ii    Short Fiction Film up to 25 minutes

iii.  Short Fiction  Animated Film up to 15 minutes

iv.  Short Documentary Film up to 30 minutes

iiv. Medium Length Documentary Film 50 to 60 minutes

  1. Minor Coproduction Program

The level of the Funding Support to a film will depend on the Ministry’s Annual budgetary possibilities for Cinematographic Productions.

Additional Information:

1.Applicants must be aware of the Regulation for Funding and their applications must conform to it.Incomplete applications or proposals not conforming to the Regulation shall be excluded. (copies will not be returned)

2. All applications and accompanying documents shall be submitted in 4 printed copies and also in digital form (one Pdf file) to the Secretariat of the Cinema Advisory Committee, in the address:  Cultural Services, 27 Iphigenia’s str., 2007, Strovolos, 1st floor, office110 or 111 / email:

3. Applications concerning the above mentioned Categories 1, 2 and 3, should be deposit by Tuesday 4th of May 2021, and for the Categories 4 and 5, by Wednesday 5th of May, until 13.00.

4. Submitted documents and applications shall not be returned.

5. Application forms and the Regulation for Funding can be obtained from the MOECSY website: (by pressing the link ‘Ανακοινώσεις’) and the Cultural Services website: (by pressing the link ‘Ανακοινώσεις’). For further information please contact Mr. Diomedes Nikita at 22809811, daily after 1.30p.m.

Upon completion of a production, filmed in Digital Format, (HD 2K, 4K) the producer has to deliver to the Cinema Archives (MOEC- Cultural Services) 2 Master DCP (Digital Cinema Package), one of them with English subtitles. The cost of the 2 DCP should be included in the total budget of the movie.