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20-04-2021 15:49

Priority for vaccination appointments against COVID-19 for individuals aged 49-50 – 214,675 vaccinations have been carried out

The scheduling of vaccination appointments against COVID-19 for the age group of 40-49 is gradually commencing, within the framework of the implementation of the National Vaccination Plan.

Specifically, from Wednesday, April 21, 2021, at 7:30 in the morning, until Thursday, April 22, at 8 in the evening, 16,000 vaccination appointments will be available for individuals aged 49 and 50 only. The vaccinations will be carried out with the available licensed vaccines in the Vaccination Centres island-wide.

As of April 19, a total of 214,675 vaccinations have been administered (24.4 doses per 100 inhabitants), of which 156,682 (17.8%) concern the administration of the 1st dose and 57,993 (6.6%) concern the administration of both doses. At the same time, vaccination has begun and is progressing in closed structures, and until yesterday, 183 individuals were vaccinated with the 1st dose in the Prisons Department and in the “Pournara” Temporary Reception Centre. Vaccination in closed structures will continue in the coming weeks.

Regarding the groups, prioritized vulnerable individuals are gradually receiving their the 2nd dose of the vaccine.