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01-07-2021 16:36

The Ministry of Health proceeds with the vaccination of 16 and 17 year-olds who are not registered in GeSY

The Ministry of Health, in the framework of the already announced procedure for vaccination of individuals within the age group of 16 and 17 years old, announces that people within this age group who are not GeSY registered, shall submit to the Ministry of Health the properly completed Application for the Registration of Citizens who are not GHS Beneficiaries to the Cyprus Portal for COVID-19 Vaccinations.  

The application shall be submitted along with a copy of the Identity Card or other Identification Document and the Aliens Registration Card, in case of a foreigner. 

The documents can be sent to the Ministry of Health to the email:, by post to the postal address 1 Prodromou & 17 Chilonos Street, 1449, Nicosia, Cyprus or to be delivered in hard copy to the Ministry of Health at the same address.  

At the Vaccination Centres, the Minors must present the following evidence:

  • Written Consent Document from Parents / Legal Guardians for Vaccination of Minors against COVID-19 , duly signed by both Parents / Legal Guardians, except if legally (with the submission of relevant Court Decision) this is not necessary. The document must be handed to the Vaccination Centre during the vaccination.
  • Identification Document (Identity Card, passport, Alien Registration Card etc) of the minor.
  • Copy of Identification Document from one of the Parents / Legal Guardians. In case the minor is accompanied to the Vaccination Centre by his/her Parents / Legal Guardians (either of the two), the Parents/Legal Guardians shall show an Identification Document.