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14-10-2021 21:01

Address by the President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, at the dinner in honour of the participants at the 2nd International Conference on Climate Change in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East


It is a pleasure to welcome you at the Presidential Palace, following the conclusion of the “2nd International Conference on Climate Change in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East: Challenges and Solutions.”

I felt obliged to hold tonight’s event in order to convey my sincere feelings of gratitude for your invaluable contribution in our efforts to establish a comprehensive Regional Action Plan for tackling climate change and its effects in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East region.

An initiative undertaken by the Republic of Cyprus, with the aim of coordinating a concerted regional response in addressing the challenge we are facing, in line with the Paris Agreement goals.

Dear Friends,

I am aware that during the two – day Conference, in which more than 250 scientists and experts participated, there was a fruitful exchange of views, the submission of specific proposals and the identification of the actions needed to be undertaken so as to address the climate crisis in our wider region.

A region which has been identified as a hot-spot, with particular high – vulnerability, in comparison with other regions, as regards the impact and effects of climate change.

With the finalisation of the scientific part of the Action Plan which establishes the foundations of our future steps, we are hopeful that within the coming months we will enter into the intergovernmental component, through holding a Ministerial Meeting and a Leaders’ Summit that will establish appropriate coordination and monitoring mechanisms for the implementation of our commitments.

In concluding, I would like to once more thank you for your active interest and priceless support in our efforts to tackle one of the greatest challenges that humanity today faces.