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20-10-2021 12:45

European Statistics Competition 2021-2022

On the occasion of the celebration of the European Statistics Day, the launch of this year’s European Statistics Competition in Cyprus is announced.

The European Statistics Competition will be held for the fifth consecutive year, by the European Statistical System (ESS), consisting of the Statistical Offices of the Member States of the European Union and the European Statistical Service (Eurostat). In Cyprus, the annual competition is organized by the Statistical Service, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth, the University of Cyprus and the Cyprus Statistical Society.

The competition is centered on the statistical science and official statistics. The objectives of the competition are to promote statistical literacy, to stimulate the curiosity and interest of secondary school pupils and teachers on official statistics, to highlight the role of statistics in various aspects of society and to promote teamwork and cooperation between pupils to achieve common goals.

The competition consists of two phases, a national competition organized by the national statistical authorities and the European final to be organized by Eurostat. The winners of the national competitions will take part in the European final.

The national phase of the competition will take place during the period of October 2021 – March 2022. Participating teams in the national phase of the ESC 2022 will take two eliminatory assignments. The first assignment will be carried out through a web platform and will consist of three tests with closed-type questions. All teams will be asked to answer the questions on the same day and time. The ten teams with the highest score in the first assignment, of each category, will be eligible to participate in the second assignment. In the second assignment, the teams will have to prepare a statistical report as a result of the processing of a data set, which will be indicated by the organizers. Considering the current situation as regards the coronavirus pandemic, the protection of the participants will be of primary importance in the organization of the competition.

The European final will take place between April and May of 2022. Participating teams will have to make a video in which they will have to reflect on a predefined topic and support the message they want to pass on, by including the use of official statistics.

For registration and information on rules, dates and prizes you may visit the competition's website at: