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03-03-2022 14:54

Statement by the Minister of Health on the decisions of the Council of Ministers

The steady and visible improvement of the epidemiological indicators, the reduction in hospitalisations, the decrease in the number of positive cases and the positivity rate, show that the pandemic containment measures we have implemented have yielded results. This allows us to keep our promise of relaxing the measures, on the basis of the advice of the Advisory Scientific Committee. The excellent response of citizens to the call for vaccination, so far, offers a shield of protection and a sense of optimism that this whole adventure will soon come to an end. Let us not forget, however, that we have a long way ahead and we all need to cooperate and comply with the decisions of the Council of Ministers in order to be able to take further steps that will lead to normality.

The aim of the Ministry of Health and the Advisory Scientific Committee is to simplify the pandemic containment measures, with more comprehensible guidelines.

I would also like to mention that the Ministry of Health, taking into account the needs and concerns of citizens, and as an indication of practical support to children with diabetes, has requested that the necessary steps be immediately taken to authorize the purchase of the required consumables and equipment for the administration of insulin via a transdermal pump (patch) to children up to 18 years old and for the continuous glucose recording through a special sensor for children up to 13 years of age with Type 1 Diabetes. As a result, the Council of Ministers approved today the tenders for the procurement of the necessary equipment and consumables through the standard procedures.

The Council of Ministers has therefore decided:

a) as of 8 March 2022, individuals who are positive to the virus can be released on the 7th day, provided that they have a negative (Rapid or PCR) test result. If the result is positive, the procedure can be repeated until the test is negative, or until the 10th day of self-isolation. The decision shall have retroactive effect.

b) as of 8 March 2022, individuals who are close contacts of a confirmed positive case who have not isolated from the virus-positive person (e.g. parents taking care of a minor, etc.) instead of staying in isolation for 10+7 days, can be tested (Rapid or PCR) after the release of the positive case on the 10th day and if their result is negative they can be released. The decision shall have retroactive effect.

c) as of 8 March 2022, the approval of the readjustment plan of the measures against COVID-19. The plan will include premises and professional activities, which will be classified according to risk, and citizens with or without a vaccination history will be aware of the respective preconditions for entering these premises. The plan will include 4 categories on the basis of which areas will be classified:

a) High-risk

b) Medium risk

c) Low-risk

d) short stay areas, where the SafePass presentation will not be required. 

The provisions of the readjustment plan will be announced within the day.

d) as of 8 March 2022, the increase of capacity in retail businesses, casinos and gyms. 

e) as of 8 March 2022, the increase of the maximum number of persons at events including weddings and christenings to 500 people, provided that the area of the venue allows for a ratio of 1.5 m² per person.

f) the lifting of the ban on student parades. A special protocol with guidelines will be issued.