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29-06-2022 14:49

European Statistics Competition, National Phase – Award Ceremony

The award ceremony for the finalist teams of the National Phase of the European Statistics Competition 2021-2022, took place today at the University of Cyprus. The awards and diplomas were presented by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, Mr Prodromos Prodromou, the Rector of the University of Cyprus and President of the Cyprus Statistical Society, Professor Tasos Christofides, and the Director of the Directorate of Strategy, Coordination and Communication of the Ministry of Finance, Ms Irene Piki.

In Cyprus, the competition, which was established as an annual event, is organized by the Statistical Service, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, the University of Cyprus and the Cyprus Statistical Society. Participation in the national phase of the competition is open to all secondary-age students who are studying at any officially recognized educational institution of Cyprus. Students participate in teams of two to three pupils and each team has a teacher from their institution acting as the tutor. The teams participated in one of two categories, Category A: Upper Secondary and Category B: Lower Secondary.

In this year's competition, 225 students took part, forming 77 teams. The first assignment included: (a) basic knowledge test, (b) use of official statistical data sources test and (c) interpretation of statistical reports test. The top ten teams of the first assignment in each category qualified to prepare an output from the statistical analysis of a dataset. A Jury assessed the projects and at the end of the process the winners were announced.

The co-organizers express their warm congratulations to all the teams that participated and excelled in the competition!

The teams that were awarded are:

Category A: Upper Secondary [up to 18 years on 31/12/2021]

1st Award (each student: amount of money worth €200, teacher: 1 tablet)


Students: Stavriana Irakleous, Konstantinos Mosfilis, Nefeli Lambrou

Tutor: Elena Hadjigeorgiou

2nd Award (each student: amount of money worth €50, teacher: 1 external hard disc)


Students: Panagiotis Chatzikostas, Natalia Kyriakou, Irineos Ioannou

Tutor: Georgia Papageorgiou

Honorary Mention:


Students: Semeli Ergatoudi, Fotis Motitis, Leonidas Loizidis

Tutor: Nearchos Lambrinos


Students: Loukas Iakovou, Nikolas Spyrou

Tutor: Nasia Georgiou


Students: Efstathios Antoniou, Antonios Antoniou

Tutor: Eleni Papakonstantinou

Category B: Lower Secondary [up to 16 years on 31/12/2021]

1st Award (each student: amount of money worth €200, teacher: 1 tablet)

Team: GKA-3

Students: Angelos Alambritis, Konstantina Andreou, George Charalambous

Tutor: Andri Koulermou Konstantinou

2nd Award (each student: amount of money worth €50, teacher: 1 external hard disc)


Students: Sotiria Paraskeva, Maria Stylianou, Eleni Christofi

Tutor: Chrystalla Pasiali

Honorary Mention:


Students: Eliana Christodoulou, Chrysa Charalambous, Angeliki Giorgalla

Tutor: Georgia Stefanou

Team: ANGEL3

Students: Alexis Ellinas, Loukas Andreou, Angelos Agathangelou

Tutor: Erato Zymboulaki


Students: Ariadne Oikonomou, Konstantinos Kyprianou, Alpina Ηatzisammouti

Tutor: Maria Karagiorgi