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12-01-2023 12:37

Health and Hospital Statistics 2020

In-patient Discharges

During 2020, 59.533 patients were treated and discharged from the general hospitals of the State Health Services Organisation (SHSO), whereas 1.045 patients were treated and discharged from Kyperounta and Polis Rural Hospitals. It should be stated that the respective data for the private hospitals are not available as they were contracted to the General Healthcare System (GHS) only during the 2nd semester of 2020.  

In 2020, the bed occupancy rate of the general hospitals of SHSO was 64,1%. The respective percentage for the rural hospitals in 2020 was 34,0%.

Neoplasms have the highest share, 10,3% of the patients discharged from general hospitals, followed by diseases of the circulatory system with 7,4%, diseases of the respiratory system and injuries, poisoning and certain other consequences of external causes with 6,4% and diseases of the digestive system and the genitourinary system 5,0%. All other disease categories account for the remaining 22,1%, whereas for 37,4% of the cases the diagnosis was not stated.

Out-patient Attendances

During 2020 in the framework of the GHS, a total of 6.016.478 out-patient attendances were recorded of which 982.563 were performed to the hospitals and health centres of the SHSO and 5.033.915 were performed to private sector physicians who were enrolled to the GHS. As regards the type of attendance, 2.769.908 attendances to personal doctors and 3.246.570 attendances to specialized doctors.

Attendances to


Hospitals and health centres of the SHSO

Private doctors enrolled with GHS







Personal doctors














Total attendances







Deaths and Causes of Death

In 2020, 6.579 deaths have been recorded, including all deaths of residents, as well as non-residents dying in Cyprus. A percentage of 53,0% of total deaths (3.487 deaths) refers to men, whereas 47,0% (3.092 deaths) refers to women. The main causes of death were diseases of the circulatory system (28,5%), neoplasms (24,0%), diseases of the respiratory system (9,5%), endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases (7,6%), as well as external causes of injury and poisoning (4,7%). Other causes of death follow with lower frequencies.



In-patient – Is a person who has been through the full admission procedure in one of the general/rural hospitals and for whom a “patient’s file” has been prepared and remained at the hospital for treatment for at least one night, or admitted and discharged at the same day.

Out-patient attendance – Is the visit of the patient to an out-patient department.

Sources of Data and Coverage

Coverage. Up to May 2019, medical care in Cyprus was provided through the public and private sector health services. From June 2019 the gradual implementation of the GHS began, firstly at the level of the primary care (out-patient visits) and from June 2020, at the level of the secondary care (in-patient care). At the present press release, the data referring to the primary care covers all the medical institutions and practices contracted to GHS whereas, the data corresponding to the secondary care covers only the medical institutions under SHSO. This was necessary as GHS was implemented at the level of secondary care only in the 2nd semester of 2020 and hence the information available for the whole year of 2020 corresponded only to the medical institutions under SHSO.

In-patient discharges. Data on patients who are admitted for treatment and discharged from the medical institutions under SHSO (discharges) are collected in electronic form from all the hospitals. Micro databases are forwarded to the Statistical Service and the compilation, tabulation and analysis of data are performed by Statistics Officers.

Out-patient attendances. The data on out-patient attendances performed at the medical institutions and physicians’ offices enrolled to the GHS have been obtained from the IT system of the HIO.

Causes of death. The source is the Cause of Death Register owned by the Health Monitoring Unit of the Ministry of Health. The total number of deaths recorded in the register, includes all deaths occurring in Cyprus, both of residents and non-residents, as well as deaths of Cypriot residents occurring abroad.

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