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27-01-2023 15:01

Signing of Agreement for the opening of a World Health Organisation Country Office in Cyprus

The Ministry of Health has signed an agreement today, Friday, January 27, 2023, with the European Regional Office of the World Health Organisation, for the establishment of a Country Office of the World Health Organisation in Larnaka.

Cyprus, having an established history of excellence in science and research, implements policies based on an evidence-based scientific basis. In this context, the Ministry of Health has carried out a series of consultations with the European Regional Office of the World Health Organisation, with the aim of establishing a Country Office of the Organisation in Larnaca, in order to further strengthen relations with Cyprus and upgrade Public Health, both in Cyprus and in the wider region.

The Office is expected, among other things, to be active in the following key areas: Strengthening public health and upgrading preparedness to deal with emerging and epidemic-prone infectious diseases, through the promotion of innovative actions aimed at prevention, as well as collection, dissemination and evaluation of epidemiological data. Also, the Office will oversee the development of policies in the field of Communicable Diseases and Zoonoses, the promotion of actions, and the preparation of response mechanisms and tools for cooperation.

In a statement, Minister of Health Mr. Michael Hadjipantela, mentioned the Shriners Hospitals team of orthopedic doctors helping children in Cyprus, Ukraine, and the rest of the world, as an example of a project already underway, and a sign of things to come with the WHO Cyprus Office. “We want to play a role, not only in the region, but internationally, making this office the best in the world. Cyprus has the will and the know-how to support the World Health Organization”, he added.

In his speech, WHO Regional Director, Dr. Hans Henri P. Kluge, praised Cyprus for its quick adoption of digital tools in response to the pandemic, and its swift measures to stem transmission of the virus and to protect its people. A nation’s public health, he added, is tied to regional public health which in turn, is tied to global public health. He stated that the European region has a lot to learn from Cyprus and that due to its vital role in regional and sub-regional public health, WHO is pleased with the Cyprus government’s invitation to open a Country Office. A full-time WHO presence in Cyprus means that WHO can support, he added, as requested, on various aspects of public health, as well as draw upon Cyprus’ vast experience and expertise.