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21-03-2023 13:20

Press Release by the House of Representatives

Event on Prosfigosimo

The House of Representatives, in collaboration with Art Historian Maria Paphiti, is organising an exhibition entitled ‟Prosfigosimo: A stamp for the refugees of Cyprus. The story of a symbol”. The exhibition is under the auspices of the President of the House of Representatives Ms. Annita Demetriou, who will inaugurate it on Monday, 27 March, at 18.00, at the House of the Citizen, Nicosia.

The familiar refugee stamp, entitled Cyprus 1974, engraved by the renowned Greek engraver A. Tassos, a painful symbol of the invasion and occupation, was established in September 1974. Its purpose was to contribute to the Refugee Fund. At the same time, as it is affixed on everything mailed within Cyprus and abroad, it informs the international community about the Cyprus issue.

The exhibition documents the process through which the refugee stamp was created, based on archival material and artworks. It showcases details of A. Tassosʼ woodcut itself and highlights its effect on the artistic production of Cyprus. A selection of artworks demonstrates the consequences of displacement, regardless of time and place. The exhibition includes a special section on the fenced area of the town of Famagusta. The central artefact of the exhibition is accompanied by the respective wooden engraved plaque and it is complemented by outstanding paintings that are exhibited for the first time, such as the monumental painting by George Skotinos Horses of Famagusta, which represented Cyprus at the Venice Biennale in 1968, the Triptych of ʼ74, Flight I, a painting from the collection of the Telemachos Kanthos family, and the painting of Lefteris Economou Thorns, Tents and Refugees. Also, contemporary artists (A. Nicolaou, P. Pasandas, E. Sarri Varnavas, E. Theodotou, M. Theophilides) created artworks specifically inspired by the theme of the present exhibition.

Sponsors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Eureka Group

Dates and opening hours






On Thursdays 20.04 and 27.04 the exhibition will be open until 18.30.

For information about the exhibition and arranging guided tours: 99380685


A. Tassos (1914-1985)

CYPRUS 1974 (1/10)


Woodcut on Japanese handmade paper

66.5 x 73 cm

Collection of A. Tassos Art Foundation

(The text as sent by the House of Representatives)