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30-03-2023 13:25

Household Budget Survey 2023

The Statistical Service of Cyprus (CYSTAT) is launching the Household Budget Survey 2023 on the 3rd of April 2023. The utilization of the plethora of the results of the Survey, both as a necessary component for the compilation of national and European official statistics and as a reliable tool for socio-economic analyses by the scientific community, as well as for informing the general public, makes it one of the most important surveys of the Service.

The Survey is conducted according to the recommendations and methodologies of the Statistical Service of the EU (Eurostat), in order to analyze the structure of household expenditure so as: 

  • to revise the goods and services included in the so-called "shopping basket" of the household in the context of the Consumer Price Index (which determines the inflation rate), as well as to revise the weights that determine the relative importance of each good and service,
    • to update the figures relating to the private consumption for national accounts purposes,
    • to study the distribution of household expenditure and income by source of income and various socio-economic and demographic characteristics,
    • to study the standard of living of the population through the compilation of various socio-economic indicators.

The Survey will cover 4.800 households in the urban and rural areas of Cyprus.

The collection and recording of the data will be carried out by specially trained enumerators, through personal computer-assisted interviews at each household’s premises. In addition, the enumerators have been trained in the completion of specific diaries, for recording the household daily expenses over a period of two weeks. All enumerators will bear a special identity card, which will certify their authorization to collect the relevant information.

The data collection phase will be spread evenly over a period of 12 months, from April 2023 to March 2024 and every 18 days the enumerators will be visiting approximately 240 households in total. In this way, the data collected will reflect the consumption trends and habits of the households throughout the year, taking seasonality patterns into account.

The Survey is conducted in accordance with the Official Statistics Law of 2021 (Law No. 25(I)/2021). Based on the provisions of the Law, it is mandatory to provide the data requested. The Statistical Service is obliged to treat all the information collected as CONFIDENTIAL. The data collected will be used solely for statistical purposes. The individual data of the households will not be disclosed to any public authority or person.

The success and credibility of the Survey depends on the cooperation of the public; therefore, the Statistical Service urges all households which have been randomly selected to take part in the Survey, to cooperate with the enumerators who will be visiting them and provide all the information requested.

For further enquiries, the households may contact the officers responsible for the survey at the telephone numbers 22602157 and 22605113.