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14-11-2023 09:25

Announcement by the Cyprus Fire Service regarding the Fire Industry Association/ Fire International Cyprus 2023 Summit

The recent inaugural Fire Industry Association/ Fire International Cyprus 2023 Summit,was opened by Chief Fire Officer Nicos Logginos. In his speech, he referred to ongoing fire investigation collaborative initiatives between Cyprus Fire Service and Police Service personnel and Gardiner Associates Training & Research UK.

GATR co-founder Mick Gardiner said: “It was very pleasing to return to Cyprus on the opening day of a fire summit, which was designed to shape the future of fire safety in Cyprus”.

With the ethos of ‘Live, Learn and Pass it on’, during the week of the 23rd of October a team of GATR subject matter experts mentored groups of fire scene investigators from Cyprus and Greece, as they put theory into practice in bespoke fire damaged compartments at the Fire Service EMAK facility in Kofinou.

Mr Gardiner emphasized the necessity for each fire scene attended by the emergency services to be methodically investigated and thoroughly documented, so results of such investigations can then be used to target fire prevention initiatives and arson reduction strategies. “To avoid doing so could be regarded as dereliction of duty, which would fail the and local community”, he added.

Cyprus Chief Fire Officer, Mr Nicos Logginos, said he would be carrying out a review of current fire investigation policies and practices so that emergency services, insurers and other representatives of the fire safety industry can seek solutions to current fire related problems together. These include the negative impacts of climate change, wildfires, arson, murders, fraud and a global increase in accidental fires involving cheap and fake imported electrical goods and portable electric vehicles, etc.