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30-01-2024 11:55

Monthly Weather Report: December 2023

General weather conditions: In December, the weather was extremely warm and extremely dry. Unstable weather conditions prevailed during the period 6th-12th, on the 16th and 20th-23rd of the month, giving rain, local thunderstorms, hail and some snow in Troodos. The mean air temperature was about 3.0oC above normal and the area average precipitation was 50.4mm mm, i.e. 48% of the normal for the month.

Severe weather conditions: No severe weather events occurred. On the 11th of the month, due to intense thunderstorms activity, areas of Lefkosia and Larnaka were left without electricity. Main characteristics of this month were the severe drought and the high temperatures which affected the whole island. December 2023, with mean monthly temperature of 14.5oC, is the 2nd warmest December on record since 1961.

Precipitation (normal period: 1961-1990): According to preliminary estimates, the area average precipitation in December was 50.4mm, i.e. 48% of normal. Monthly precipitation was below normal in most areas and generally ranging between 21% (Vavla) and 111% (Tseri) of normal.

Hail was recorded on the 6th (Avdellero, Oroklini), 8th (Paralimni and Deryneia), 11th (Agros, Cha Potami and in areas of Pafos), 11th-12th (Stavrovouni), 12th (Alethriko, Psevdas, Pyrga (Larnakas)), 20th (Troodos) and 21st (Palaichori, Dymes) of the month.

Snow was recorded on the 22nd of the month (Troodos).

The cumulative area average precipitation during the period October 2023 – December 2023 was about 133.1mm, i.e. 69% of normal. Generally, the cumulative precipitation was below normal in most areas, ranging between 35% (Deryneia) and 116% (Tseri) of normal.

Temperature (normal for the reference period: 1981-2010): The mean air temperature for the month was about 2.9oC above normal. Μean daily temperatures were above or around normal during the whole month, except for the 10th of the month in Prodromos where it was 2.3oC below normal. The maximum temperatures in Athalassa exceeded 18oC all days of the month, in Pafos and Larnaka they exceeded 19oC again all 31 days of the month, while in Prodromos they exceeded 8oC on 30 occasions. Most stations recorded their highest maximum temperature during the period 4th-5th of the month and their lowest minimum temperature during the period 19th-20th and on the 24th of the month.

Air and ground frosts were not recorded in any area.

The five-day averages of air temperature and their deviations from normal at various places are shown in Table 1 and the extreme temperatures are shown in Table 2.