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18-02-2024 14:23

Statements by the President of the Republic on the Cyprus problem

We continue our efforts to achieve our goal, which is the resumption of talks on the Cyprus problem leading to a solution to the problem, President of the Republic Mr Nikos Christodoulides said today, welcoming the statement by the UN Secretary-General's envoy on trust building.

In his statements to journalists in Dali, and asked about the statement issued by the UN Secretary General's personal envoy for the Cyprus problem, Ms María Ángela Holguín, who referred to trust building, the President of the Republic said that “trust building between the Republic of Cyprus and Turkey is necessary.

I welcome the fact that she issued this particular statement to everyone. I am in constant contact with Ms Holguín, she may not be in Cyprus, but we are in constant contact. She will come to Cyprus to continue her effort.

It is also important the statement that this whole effort originates from the terms of reference of the Secretary-General, the specific framework for a solution, which is none other than a bizonal bicommunal federation. And this effort continues.

Despite the difficulties, despite the challenges, there is no choice but to do everything possible to resume the talks, to build on the acquis to date and to achieve the objective, which is none other than the resolution of the Cyprus problem."

Asked if there is anything from the other side that seems to open a window for the resumption of the dialogue, President Christodoulides said that "there are many contacts, there are many meetings, not everything is made public. At the end of the day everyone and everything will be judged by the final result. So let us not get ahead of ourselves. We continue the effort and we really hope, because there is no other option, to achieve our goal."