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09-04-2024 10:18

Statements by the President of the Republic

The President of the Republic, Mr Nikos Christodoulides, referred today to the possibility of another visit to Lebanon, together with the President of the European Commission, regarding the migration issue.

Upon arrival at the 14th Nicosia Economic Congress, in his statements to journalists, when asked to comment on statements made by the Turkish Cypriot leader, Mr Ersin Tatar, the President of the Republic said, “I have nothing to comment on anything Mr Tatar says. We do not work through public statements. We work with the United Nations (UN), so that there are prospects for mobility on the Cyprus problem towards the resumption of talks. It is not easy, but the effort continues on a daily basis. At this time, I would like to not publicly disclose what we are doing towards the resumption of talks.”

Asked if he had been informed about the ideas that the UN Secretary-General was going to present, the President of the Republic responded, “Of course, I have been informed by the Secretary-General. I have been briefed on what was discussed at the meeting, but I do not think it is something I should make public. I am focusing on the essential matter, which is how we can achieve the resumption of talks.”

When asked if this is what was also said between the President and the UN Secretary-General, the President of the Republic replied, “The Secretary-General does not say different things depending on his interlocutor. There were specific proposals, it was a specific discussion. However, I do not think it is appropriate to disclose anything publicly. We are focusing on the essential matter.”

Asked to refer to the results of his visit in Lebanon, the President of the Republic stated, “Yesterday, during my contacts, we agreed on some things, particularly with the Prime Minister of Lebanon, following up on what I discussed with the President of the European Commission. We are in contact. After my return from Lebanon, I informed about the results of my discussions and I do not rule out another visit to Lebanon soon, together with the President of the European Commission. We agreed on some things. The important thing is the implementation of everything we agreed on.”  

When asked about the “Amalthea” plan, the President of the Republic said, “Preparatory work is proceeding. Yesterday, we had a visit by the competent Minister of the United Arab Emirates, so that everything agreed during the senior officials’ meeting, which took place in Cyprus with the participation of more than 40 countries, can be taken forward. It will be a welcoming development if there is a ceasefire. But even if there is no ceasefire, the humanitarian needs are there. I think the key is the completion of the work which is being done by the USA. In the next few days, I expect that this work will be completed, which will give a new impetus to the Republic of Cyprus’ initiative, but also to sending humanitarian aid.”